Love on the Night Shift by Radclyffe

Another solid medical romance, a steady addition to the Rivers Community Romance series

What was the book about?
Radclyffe slays a medical romance, and this book falls right in her sweet spot. The story is the 6th instalment in the Rivers Community Romance series, and follows Blaise Richelieu, a night nurse in the ER at “The Rivers,” and Grady McClure, a new surgeon. Both are new characters to the series. Blaise is a single parent to a teen, who off the bat seems quite guarded but is softened and humanized by her friendship with Abby Remy. Grady has gotten the job at The Rivers thanks to an old friendship with Flannery Rivers, and is Radclyffe’s quintessential type – confident doctor who appears to be a cocky player but who ends up truly being a loyal softie. As usual with Radclyffe’s novels, the writing is excellent and the sparks fly.

Featured Tropes
Medical romance, doctor/nurse, single parent

Book Strengths
You can always count on Radclyffe to write a solid, well-written, well-paced medical romance. Her characters are swoon-worthy, as always. Radclyffe writes romantic tension like she invented it. Blaise and Grady are memorable, lovable characters who both have good character development arcs. And the chemistry is just phenomenal. I will always snag Radclyffe’s books the second they come out, because she consistently delivers exactly what I’m looking for. 

Book Weaknesses
As is the case with many of Radclyffe’s series instalments, this book is a little shorter than I’d like it to be! And the conflict and resolution were quite predictable. While all romance novels have a level of predictability to them, it is nice to get a curveball to add a little zing! That said, I appreciate Radclyffe for her consistency and steadiness in the genre, so I can’t be too upset with the predictability.

Character Chemistry
Blaise and Grady have stellar chemistry. Radclyffe is great at communicating that “I’m annoyed by and therefore obsessed with you” initial energy, and foraying quickly to attraction and love that feel deep and genuine (if slightly predictable). 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
Radclyffe delivers another engaging and chemistry-filled medical romance in the Rivers Community Romance series with Love on the Night Shift.


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