One Woman’s Treasure by Jean Copeland

Unique, fun, beautiful

What was the book about?
Daphne is unhappily single and not fond of her job. Her ex-wife, a viral YouTuber, left her for a plastic surgeon and she just can’t seem to get back into the dating scene. She also loves antiques and has a dream of opening her own shop. 

Corporate CEO, Nina, is newly divorced from her husband after having come out following a long-term affair with another woman. She and her son are moving into a new home, and she also is single because the woman she was having the affair with ditched her for not ending her marriage quickly enough. 

Nina’s movers deposit her things on the lawn due to a misunderstanding. This is where Daphne finds a lamp she thinks has been discarded.  Daphne finds herself on the evening news accused of theft and she swiftly returns the lamp. This is how Daphne and Nina’s friendship got started. Both women struggle with finding the other attractive, but neither want to ruin the budding friendship because both are lacking in lesbian friends. As they become closer they both pursue other relationships in order to maintain their friendship. Neither woman seems to understand that no matter what happens, when you fall in love, you can’t stop yourself from wanting to be with that person.

Featured Tropes
Friends to lovers

Book Strengths
I loved everything about this book. Jean Copeland is a national treasure. Her writing is phenomenal and there is nothing at all cookie cutter about her books. She joins a exclusive list of authors I would say that about. I loved the real connection between Daphne and Nina. I loved how neither woman was perfect. I loved Nina especially for this. She cheated, but it didn’t make her a horrible person. People make mistakes and don’t realize who they are, or who they should actually be with sometimes. The secondary characters were great. I loved Daphne’s friend, Sophie and Nina’s son, Noah. I was not a fan of any of the ex’s. AT ALL. But you need some not so nice characters to make things interesting. 

Character Chemistry
Daphne and Nina are so perfect together. They laugh and joke. They have a wonderful connection. And even though it takes them a long time to actually get to it, the chemistry was definitely there.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
I really can’t wait for the next offering from this amazing and talented author.


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