Revolving Doors by Helen MacPherson

“Have you ever felt like every bit of air you have in your lungs has been expelled and yet you’re more alive than you’ve ever been?”

What was the book about?
Rhiannon Sharp, a successful businesswoman and who travels the world to get the job done. Rhiannon finds herself back in Sydney in time for her twenty year school reunion. Rhiannon’s parents died when she was in her mid-teens and she was forced to change to an all-girl school. Being a tomboy and excelling at sport Rhiannon feel very much out of place in the school. She forms a close friendship with another girl, Ginny, who unfortunately dies over the school holidays before they can voice what they feel, leaving Rhiannon devasted. In her last year of school, she finds comfort in listening and watching Angela Drayton, another Year 12 student, play piano. Now at the class reunion, Rhiannon and Angela reunite in the same practice room where they met all those years ago. Rhiannon is about to find out the answers to all those questions she has but will the answers be the ones she wants to hear?

Featured Tropes
Coming Out, Romance

Book Strengths
Two capable women and top of their game at home and abroad. I’m not usually drawn to slow burn romances but this one built really well as far as I was concerned. For someone who grew up in Sydney and went to what I think is a similar girls’ school I can honestly say that this book gives a very good idea of what it’s like! I loved Elly, a teacher at the school, albeit a secondary character, gave perspective to Rhiannon. Angela’s son Lachlan adds another layer to the novel. His perspective on life is rather refreshing. I really enjoyed the author’s use of flashbacks to tell part of the story.  

Book Weaknesses
The only thing that I would say is that there was a little too much indecision on Angela’s part. But that’s just a personal thing and I’m sure that many other readers won’t find that.

Character Chemistry
I thought the chemistry between Rhiannon and Elly was scalding and to tell the truth until I found out that Elly was married, I thought they were going to get together. The attraction between Rhiannon and Angela was there as they were leaving school and when they meet again you can feel the vibrations between the two characters. Rhiannon is sure of her feelings but is determined to take it slowly until Angela’s mind catches up with her body.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
This is a feel-good book and for anyone who knows Sydney, Australia, they will get a kick out of that as well. It is rare in the world of Lesfic that we Aussies find one that is set in Australia. I have no hesitation in recommending this novel and I am looking forward to reading Ms Macpherson’s next one.


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