Taking a Chance on Love by Catherine Maiorisi

What was the book about?
Office Quincy Adams is a woman who is haunted by the loss of her lover five years ago and her belief that she should have been able to save her. On her way home from work as a police officer she responds to a call about a major pile up and is the first on the scene. Quincy is driven by the need to help as many people as she can and in the midst of all the fire, smoke and blood she is wrenched back to the day when Jen was killed in Afghanistan and where it was sand and not snow she was trying to move to save her. Instead of returning home Quincy decides to go to the local bar to be with friends and be in a place that is far removed from the carnage she has witnessed and also remembered. Lindy James is at the bar celebrating her best friend’s birthday and she isn’t interested in attachments and just wants to dance alone and enjoy her evening.

Maggie the owner of the bar and friend of Quincy, asks Lindy to take Quincy home seeing as she isn’t fit to drive by herself. This small act of kindness set off a chain of events that neither Quincy nor Lindy can stop.

Featured Tropes
First responders, romance

Book Strengths
I could smell the smoke and feel the fire from the first scene. The descriptions in this novel are vibrant and, in some instances confronting. I must add here that there is a scene that depicts domestic violence and shows the horror and stark realization of how it can affect someone so deeply.

The secondary characters, Barb, Lindy’s best friend, Sarah, Mama and the survivors of the crash are wonderful and help bring the story together and don’t detract from it at all.

Character Chemistry
The relationship between Quincy and Lindy is a very, very, very slow burn. Their initial weekend together shows how they need each other to be whole. Lindy is a loner and firmly believes she is safer that way. However, the attraction and the need for each other can’t be denied.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
The courage of some people to run towards danger is awe inspiring. Just as inspiring is when you realise that there is one person in the world who really knows you and understands you. Accepting who you are and accepted by those close to you makes you feel like you are a superhero.


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