The Other Women by Erin Zak

This book is a delicious, sexy curveball on life and love!
What was the book about?
Francesca Lopez has just been dumped by the woman who told her she was everything. Getting dumped by Willow Carmichael changed the course of her life in ways she can’t even imagine. Getting over Willow and the emotional scars she left behind was harder than anything she had ever endured until she meets Cecily at the bar she works at and for the first time she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. 
Cecily Yates is in love with someone who is not her husband. Deciding to end her marriage and follow her heart finally has been a hard lesson but she’s ready to let Willow Carmichael know they can be together eventually. But when she sees Willow again, she finds out that Willow didn’t wait for her as she promised. In fact, she has been in another relationship almost the whole time they were apart. 
When Cecily needs to reevaluate her relationship with Willow, she heads to the bar and meets the very alluring Francesca. But they have no idea who each other is… In this case, can love really conquer all? And what will Willow do if she can’t have either woman because they have each other? 
Featured Tropes
Romance, strangers to lovers, Oh! The chemistry 
Book Strengths
Erin Zak has ruined me this year between her last book ‘The Road Home’ and now ‘The Other Woman’. I feel like she has upped the ante on her writing and lifted the veil on writing emotions because that was just beautiful. I could feel the heartache of both Cecily and Francesca. These women have been through so much, and when they feel they both feel deeply.
Francesca, without a doubt, was my favourite character. She has been hurt, and she was left tormented by cruel words Willow left her with before breaking her heart. But even though the hurt she felt was real, she used that to fuel her love of Cecily. It was so very brave.
Cecily! Gosh, I wanted to hug her so much. This woman made mistakes. Big mistakes, but she gathered herself up and made the best of things and ultimately found the love of her life even if she thought it was someone else for a while. 
You all know how I feel about epilogues, and this one is a slam dunk. It was the perfect amount of time into the future; it gave me all the feels while summing up the protagonist’s journey to happily ever after. 
This book is like a love letter to anyone with a broken heart. Erin Zak is telling you that you will get through it, and if some break your heart, they were never worthy in the first place.
Character Chemistry
The chemistry is off the charts in this book. Cecily and Francesca are beyond compatible in every sense of the word, be it in a relationship and when they hit the sheets. And the sex was oh so very yummy!!! 
Heat Rating

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
I adored this book. Get yourself ready for a rollercoaster of emotions and don’t forget the wine and tissues. This book is 100% worth your time!

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