Twice Shy by Aurora Rey

I adore Aurora Rey’s books, but Twice Shy has just taken first place in my favourites list.

What was the book about?
Amanda Russo lives for two things: her kids and her bakery. With her youngest, Cal heading off to college next year she decides it time to upgrade her bakery. In walks architect, Quinn. The attraction to Quinn is immediate, but her ex-wife isn’t quite ready to let Amanda go…

Quinn’s divorce has played a significant role in her dating life since she found out her ex-wife was cheating. Now she’s finally ready to move on, and Amanda Russo is precisely the kind of woman she wants to move on with. But her confidence has been shattered by old wounds, and having Amanda’s ex-wife hanging around is not making those old fears easy to live with.

Can the past be left where it belongs long enough for Amanda and Quinn to find their happy ever after?

Featured Tropes
Oh, the sex!, low angst, small town romance & Butch/Femme

Book Strengths
This book is all the reasons why I love Aurora Rey’s writing. It’s delicious with a good helping of sexy. It was a nice change to read a book where the women were not in their late 20s-30s range. Both women had already lived their lives, Amanda has two grown kids, and Quinn has already been married and divorced, but this book was about them finding their next great love. In today’s society, this is a reality for so many women, and that brought a level of realism to this book that was just delightful. 

The book is relatively fast-paced with low angst and just a happy love story that you can read over and over.

I loved Amanda, and I found myself wishing she was real so that we could be friends. Quinn, on the other hand, was my book crush. Quinn is an sexy, older butch woman who at first you think is shy and sensitive, but as you get to know her, she is, in fact, confident and daring. I might have fallen for her a little by the end of the book. 

Keep an eye out for some cameos from other books. Amanda also appeared in The Last Place You Look when she befriends Julia and hires her photograph her son, Cal. And then Julia from The Last Place You Look and Drew from The Recipe for Love appear in this one. More than once, I squealed when I recognised a character. Word to the wise… I ended up rereading the other books because I wanted to go back and indulge in those character’s books. So be prepared for that.

I’m hoping that secondary character, Erin, is next on Aurora’s romance journey because she needs to fall and love and find her happy ever after.

The epilogue is one of my favourites ever. I hope we see more of these characters in Aurora Rey’s future works. 

Character Chemistry
So the sexual chemistry between Quinn and Amanda is prevalent from the beginning, and when they fall into bed together, it’s extremely fun (and erotic) to read. I think Aurora Rey is becoming more daring in her sex scenes with every book she writes. There is a sexy text conversation between Quinn and Amanda that I loved. Quinn replies to Amanda sexy request with “Sorry, you melted my brain a little and I couldn’t type.” and I couldn’t help but say out loud “Dude!! same!” because the sexy moments are really melting me! 

Above and beyond the sexual chemistry, I felt like Quinn and Amanda just got each other on a different level to their previous spouses, which intensified their relationship and made it feel like they were only meant to be together. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 +
(4.5 flames)

Wrap up
I’ve read this book twice now, and both times I just wanted to start it all over again. It’s definitely Aurora’s best to date and the fact I rated all her other books five stars I wanted to give this one a ten. Go grab it now and you can thank me later. 


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