Longing For You by Jenny Frame

Vampires are bringing a new level of heat to lesfic!

What was the book about?
For those who loved reading about Bryon Debrek and Amelia Honey in Hunger For You, this book is going to knock your socks off! Ok, I admit I am a complete and utter Jenny Frame fan, and I was not disappointed at all in this book. This story revolves around Alexis Villiers, who is Byron’s best friend as well as her second in command and the mortal Katie Brekman, who is the housekeeper for the Debreks. Ever since she can remember, Katie has had feelings towards Alexis, but she has never acted upon them. The fact that Alexis refuses to feed on Katie confuses and hurts her. Alexis yearns for Katie but has forbidden herself to taste just a drop of her blood because she knows that she may not stop. When a rogue vampire attacks Katie, Alexis is impelled to act against all the rules of the House of Debrek. The two women are drawn closer together as a war between vampires and witches escalates.    

Featured Tropes
Supernatural, Vampires, Witches, Romance, Oh! The chemistry, Butch-Femme

Book Strengths

Jenny Frame knocks it out the park once again with this fantastic sequel to Hunger For You. She can keep the pages turning with a delicious mix of intrigue and romance. 

Byron and her now-wife Amelia are once again pulled into the world of danger. But we know their story already (or you should if you read the first book) so Jenny frame takes us on Alexis and Katie’s journey to love. I love Alexis. The strength and bravery she has shown in both books is fantastic and made me crush on her even though she was a secondary character in the first book. Being the centre stage in this book was magic and getting to know her inward thought and vulnerabilities just made me enjoy her more. When throwing the strong and willful Katie into the mix, I knew their love story would be great, and I was not wrong. 

The world of vampires and witches set out by Jenny Frame is fantastic. I felt Alexis’ longing for Katie, and I understood Katie’s frustration in her confusion as to why Alexis practically ignored and avoided her. However, when these two characters finally worked out what was important to them and each other nothing held them back. The book is rich with description and superb storytelling.

Character Chemistry

Katie and Alexis have had palpable chemistry from the beginning. The fact they show nothing but contempt to each other at times just fuels their attraction and love. 

The sex scenes like with most Jenny Frame books are hot and heavy and all kinds of fun to read. 

Even when Alexis and Katie were pissed off with each other, their need for each other shone through. Anyone who has read anything by Jenny Frame knows she can write damn good sex. Just saying. 

Byron and Amelia are relatively secondary characters in this novel; however, they are still great together.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up

I loved this instalment from the Wild for your series. The epilogue in this book just made me hungry for more from this series, and I think the next book is going to be just as much as a wild ride. 

If you like Vampires, Witches, strong women and a great story, this is the book for you. However, make sure you read Hungry For You first because it will make it all the more satisfying. 


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