Art of Magic by KJ

Another great hit by KJ, this is a wonderful and engaging page-turner story about creating your own kind of magic through love. This book comes from the world of ‘Coming Home’, but does stand alone

What was the book about?
Cath Monroe, an English teacher, who loves her job, her family and friends. But what about that one love that curls your toes and makes your heart misses a beat? She just can’t give herself to someone that way, that kind of love she just can’t let get in. When the new art teacher of the school Rica Diamandis storms into her life, all smart, sexy and a mystery. To say she’s intrigued is an understatement; she just can’t help but wonder if everything she believed about her forever person was right. Will she embrace her new feelings and give love a chance or will she stay away?

Featured Tropes
Lesfic /teacher-professor /magic / set in Australia / workplace romance / fantasy

Book Strengths
I must be honest, I heard great things about this one, and when I started reading the first chapters I was wondering why everyone was appraising the book so much, then I went a little further and discovered why… One word: magic, yes that’s it, magic. I won’t spoil the fun, there is only one way to discover about the accuracy of the title and why the book is so magnificent, so what I will say is that’s worth the read. 

Starts a bit slow, but then picks up wonderfully. The plot is very well developed, the way the author drives us through the story, exploring the possibilities and revealing the mystery around the magic, is simply amazing. The dialogues are something to look for; they are absolutely delightful, witty and funny at times. The characters are very well developed as well; they are deliciously complex, beautifully flawed and real, so human and endearing. It is impossible not to love them. 

While I was reading, I was thinking the luck to have a love like theirs, to make love like that… wow. I know, it isn’t very eloquent but is the only word that I could think of to express my amazement.

When I think of this book, three words come to mind, magic, honesty and love. This is a really good read.

Book weaknesses
The book is outstanding and the only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because of the abrupt changes between scenes in the first chapters. Got me confused for a second not knowing when a scene ended and the other started.

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between Cath and Rica is tangible from the beginning, there is this unmistakable the strong attraction that only grows with time. They are very lovable and charming, got me rooting for them all the way. The secondary characters are also charismatic. I liked the fact that the building of Cath and Rica’s relationship wasn’t instant as a love like theirs deserved. KJ achieved the perfect pace to let them grow and blossom, let them discover what it means to find your person; to let the true magic happen. Love that their connection is so strong that it manifested itself as a colourful physical entity.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥
(2.5 flames)

Wrap up
This is a great book about creating our own art, your own love and through that interpretation, create the magic.


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