Too Hot to Ride by Andrews and Austin

It’s not just the sun that’s hot!

What was the book about?
I loved reading this book, and really loved it.

Rae Starr owns a ranch and keeps it going by giving riding lessons to young riders. Unfortunately, the mothers of these children gave her more problems than the kids. The property next door has been sold so many times that it has earnt many different nicknames and when the new owner, Jane Barrow turns up with her entourage, things get hotter than the scorching sun. Jane is a famous cutting horse champion. And no, I didn’t know what that was, but I do now, and it sounds so full-on and exciting. Rae is immediately taken but extremely wary of Jane and the journey they have together is enthralling. 

Featured Tropes
Romance, cowgirls

Book Strengths
There are many twists and turns and one incredible shock in the middle that make this book such a captivating read. All the characters are so real and not one cardboard cut-out, not one. The secondary characters like Cal who not only is a good friend of Rae’s but is the main person who gives the lessons, and Wiley who is Jane’s right hand man keep the story moving. They also give some of the funniest parts of the story in their attempts to make sure Rae and Jane see where they should be. I will say that there is a moment in the story that might be a trigger for some, but I think it is written well. I think I felt equally for both main characters which I can’t say I do very often.

Character Chemistry
Rae and Jane’s interactions are such that you almost expect everything around them to combust due to the heat they give off. Yes there is sex and its hot but not in an explicit way but damn its good!

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
Do yourselves a favour and get hold of this novel, I truly don’t think you will be disappointed at all. It gave me all the “feels” as Rach Byrne (LesReveur) most eloquently says sometimes. I now have a desperate desire to go to a ranch and learn how to ride!


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