Coyote Blues by Karen F. Williams

What was the book about?
Riley Dawson was found on a track in the woods as a baby. One startling feature was that she had a tale which her adoptive wealthy parents promptly had removed. Yes, Riley is a were-coyote but she didn’t find that out until she was in her teens. Every year at the family’s summer house Riley meets Fiona and feelings grow between the two young girls until one fateful night which brought passion and transformation. A little while after making love for the first time with Fiona, Riley transforms into her true self and this transformation is witnessed by her parents and things will never be the same again. Riley is forced to leave with her parents, never to return and Fiona is left to deal with the loss of her friend and first love. Jumping twenty years ahead, Riley is an established therapist and sometime lecturer at the local college. Worlds collide when Fiona comes in with her daughter and meets Riley as her therapist.

Featured Tropes:
Supernatural, Weres, Romance

Book Strengths:
The strength of character that Riley portrays is phenomenal. Not only is she abandoned on a track, but her adoptive parents basically do the same again to her. The way Ms. Williams conveys this in her writing is heart wrenching to read but so believable. Riley’s obvious affinity with wild coyotes is too. Riley’s chosen family of Peggy, Barbara and Tom are wonderfully written. It is obvious that Ms. Williams knows her stuff in regard to psychotherapy and it was fascinating to read about the Karpman Triangle – “victim, rescuer, persecutor” and definitely not in a “preachy” way. For some readers it is important to note that there might be a trigger in regard to domestic violence. Fiona and her daughter Edy are more than their domestic situation and find strength in each other and through Riley.

Character Chemistry:
From the outset Riley and Fiona are close and their first time together is sweet. Riley’s coyote senses know that this is the woman for her even at a young age. The friendship of Riley’s mentor Peggy and her wife Barbara is heart-warming and one of understanding and support. I would love to have a couple like that on my side. The interaction between Riley and “her” coyote pack is brilliant.

Heat Rating:
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it’s so well written as far as I am concerned. I will definitely be looking out for more books by Ms. Wiliams


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