New Girl on the Street by Donna Jay

This is one hot book!

What was the book about?
Lisa Barnett and Bella McBride had a burgeoning relationship when they were teenagers. The only problem was that even though Lisa was pretty much “out”, Bella hadn’t made it that far yet. Bella’s family moved away from town and took Bella with them and Lisa dealt with the bullying and the anger that being left behind and not supported by her young lover meant. Fast forward ten years and Lisa sees her new neighbour move into the house next door and other than a gorgeous curvy figure and an arse that she would love to do any number of wicked things to, she has no idea as to the neighbour’s identity. After looking through the fence and other means of trying to find out more about the neighbour, Lisa takes over a couple of “welcome to the neighbour” muffins to break the ice. Needless to say that Lisa is shocked to see who opens the door.

Featured Tropes
Lovers – enemies – lovers, BDSM, second chance

Book Strengths
This book is Donna Jay at her sexiest best. There were at times when I thought I’d need Kevlar gloves to hold my ipad in fear that it would combust from what I was reading! The main characters are fully developed and believable. I know if I was to walk into their local pub, I would find Lisa there playing pool with her best friend Cherie and I would have loved to attend one of Bella’s parties…just saying! The secondary characters, in particular Cherie and Max, Bella’s cat, are wonderful. I have to say that the legend of Kiwi slang at the beginning was a fun addition.

Character Chemistry
The attraction between Lisa and Bella is off the charts. I mean seriously off the charts. The sex scenes in this novel are brilliant. For those of you who like a bit of kink in their reading you will love this and those that aren’t sure I have a feeling that this book might change your mind. Cherie is a good best friend and I hope that Ms Jay has written or is at least thinking of writing something for her with…well you’ll have to read it to find out.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 
(Hot damn hot)

Wrap up
I think this is one of my favourite Donna Jay’s books to date and have no hesitation of recommending it to you.


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