The Flaw In Our Design by Monica McCallan

A sweet and spicy romance that’s all heart!

What was the book about
Valerie is on a long summer vacation at her family’s holiday home on Lake Cabot. The plan is to have one summer of fun before her real life begins and she starts her career and marries the guy she thinks her parents expect her to. That is until she sees Oliva for the first time. Olivia is everything Valerie wants but knows she can’t have.

Valerie feels the chemistry with Olivia the first time she meets her but the fact Valerie comes from all the wealth that she thinks brings Lake Cabot down, makes her think anything between them is a bad idea.

Can two women not looking for their soulmate find them accidentally? And is love worth taking the risk on everything your life has been set out for?

Featured Tropes
Class disparity, holiday romance, small town

Book Strengths
This is the perfect summer romance and I reckon would work well while lying on the beach somewhere… Honestly that’s where I read it today. I enjoyed it so much that I had to read it again to get my review notes down because the first time I just whizzed through it. 

Both Olivia and Valerie were clearly just waiting for each other to break their well constructed paths to U-turn to find happiness (this book has made me so cheesy). In the beginning Olivia was my favourite character as I could imagine her life in Lake Cabot and I was desperate to be friends with her. But by the end I was one hundred percent loving Valerie. She became the dark horse and I had a bit of a crush on her by the end. 

The secondary characters brought some levity to the book but also some vulnerability for the characters. I especially loved Olivia’s Dad. He reminded me of my Grandad a lot when he was younger. I honestly think this book could be the start of an awesome series with Lake Cabot as the backdrop. There are so many possibilities. 

The ending/epilogue was fantastic and it was the reason for the fifth star in the end. It really wrapped everything up nicely.

Character Chemistry
The chemistry was off the charts from the moment the main characters met. When they finally let go and begin a physical relationship it’s hot but also quite vulnerable as the emotional walls come down. Frankly, this was just a fun book to read and the chemistry between the two characters had me enjoying each turn of the page. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥
(3.5 flames)

Wrap up
A fantastic novel and I highly recommend grabbing a copy and letting the good book vibes let you drift away. These are the books getting everyone through 2020 with a satisfied smile and this book definitely left me feeling all happy feels.


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