Bulletproof by Maggie Cummings

I’ve not yet recovered from reading this book… 

What was the book about?
Detective Dylan Prescott isn’t looking for anything but a good time. Her career as a detective is the most important thing in her life, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun on the side. The women she sleeps with always know the rules, and it keeps her life simple. That is until she meets Briana Logan. 

Sparks fly instantly, and both women find themself drawn to each other in more ways than one. But when Dylan is assigned to a team investigating narcotics, she doesn’t expect Brianna to be the Assistant US attorney on the case. 

They both know they need to keep things friendly but platonic. Two women looking to further their careers and don’t want indiscretions on their timesheets. Problem is the chemistry between them is phenomenal and the draw to throw the rules out the window is so tempting…

Can Dylan and Brianna work together without wanting each other?

Featured Tropes
Cops and Lawyers, forbidden love, secret romance, butch/femme, 

Book Strengths
Every now and then you find an author who writes the characters you want and need at a particular time. This happened with Bulletproof. I adore Maggie Cummings’ writing, and I wait (not patiently) every time I hear she has a new book out knowing I’ll be first in line. 

Brianna is so driven in her career that it was great to watch Dylan tear down each and every one of her walls. She was one hundred percent not expecting a Dylan Prescott to sweep her off her feet. I think Brianna was my favourite character in this book which surprised me because I was expecting it to be Dylan (We’ll get to dreamy Dylan in a minute). I felt a connection to Brianna I also wasn’t expecting, and the way she falls Dylan is just adorable. 

Ok. Dylan Prescott. You probably all know this already, but a Hot butch cop is like my drug of choice when reading wlw fiction. If you are going to make the perfect character to make me swoon… well look no further because Dylan is everything I’ve been waiting for since Radclyffe wrote the main character, Reece into Safe Harbor. I think I may have fallen a little in love with Dylan… Can you fall for a fictional character? Because if you can, my little heart is in trouble… WOW!

I think this book has the potential to be the start of a fantastic series or a least get a sequel! Shawn and Trish need their own book, and Maggie Cummings could write some hot shit around their dynamic! 

Also, Epilogue was beautiful and the icing on the cake for me. Yay for epilogues!

Character Chemistry
Let me tell you… Brianna and Dylan are incredibly hot together!!! Those two know how to set the bedroom alight. But more than that was the emotional connection that gave the reader glimpses of vulnerability between them both. Every time Brianna called Dylan “baby”, or when Dylan would try and alleviate any of Brianna’s fears of Dylans in the field safety, I was swooning all over the place. They genuinely cared about each other on a whole other level.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
This is an excellent book that I wish would never end, and I can’t wait to read it all over again and just sink into it. I was captivated from the beginning and can’t wait to see how Maggie Cummings will top this. 


Would you like to grab a copy?

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