In Her Arms by Melissa Tereze

Life gives you what you need in the shape of a handsome, loving young butch. Don’t let the chance of true happiness pass you by.

What was the book about?
Reagan’s life has been crappy for the last 6 years and her decision to go to a bar one night has the potential to change her life. However, at 47 years old and surrounded by a sea of “twenty somethings” Reagan is fairly sure she should turn around and walk back out the door. Frankie is struck by the beautiful older woman and invites her to dance. The connection between these two women is strong and Frankie invites Reagan back to her apartment for the night. Following a night of raw passion Raegan rushes out of the apartment the next morning and Frankie’s life. But life has a way of giving you what you need and not what you think you want.

Featured Tropes
Age gap, romance, Small town

Book Strengths
The depth of the two main characters is strong. Each has a back story which defines how they deal with their respective lives and therefore the impact on themselves and the ones they love and want to love. Frankie is a sexy butch who is fed up with the women in her life using her and yet she is still open to the possibilities of a real loving relationship. Reagan has dealt with her wife of 15 years leaving her and is definitely not interested in another relationship. Although I’m sure Frog, the golden retriever might be classified as a “secondary” character, she is most definitely a main character in my mind. The way the two women interact with Frog is heartwarming and it’s as if Frog knows what they want even before they do themselves.

Character Chemistry
From the moment Reagan and Frankie met sparks flew. Whenever they are together the air crackles. The sex is hot, damn hot. But sex and lust aren’t the only things they have between them. Frankie’s desire to care is strong and Reagan is floored by it and gives her the chance to really live again.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
I love Frankie and Reagan. Everyone needs a Frankie in their lives. As a dog lover, Frog is such a wonderful character and she brings the whole story together. And the Epilogue gave me so many warm and fuzzies!!!


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