Under Pressure by A. Emma Hollis

What was the book about?
Detective Alex Brennan’s evening of poker with her cousin and her partner gets sidetrack when an informer asks her to come around and she finds the city mayor doing drugs. He shoots her, she shoots back. The Internal Affairs investigators don’t seem to care about the truth, so when Alex’s father suggests she gets help from a reporter, she goes with it.

Featured Tropes
Cops; Reporter

Book Strengths:
The characters. If this is a series, I want more of Alex’s partner and of her family.

Book Weaknesses:
It’s so short everything is rushed. As if the author had written the outline of the story and forgotten to flesh it out.

Character Chemistry:
Once again, things go too fast for any chemistry to build.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
A frustrating read. Let’s hope the author feels like developing both plot and characters in further instalments.


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