Avenging Avery by Sheri Lewis Wohl

“Then fate brought Jeni into her orbit, and she sang to her soul. She couldn’t resist the song and didn’t want to.” 

What was the book about? 
Without giving anything away. Jeni Denton is a Deputy Sheriff who has made it her commitment to obliterate every vampire she encounters until she hunts down the one who killed her wife, Avery. Three hundred years ago, that very same powerful vampire turned Isa into something she despises, a vampire. Since then, she has been carefully planning her revenge on the one who made her undead. 

Jeni and Isa cross paths and seem to have a lot in common, causing them to partner-up. Both women have been emotionally closed-off to romance for so long, will they admit or be open to the attraction they are developing for one another? In addition, in order to be able to successfully achieve vengeance, can they learn to trust each other? 

Featured Tropes
Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers, Age-Gap 

Book Strengths: 
Each chapter is written in three sections. One from Jeni’s POV, one from Isa’s POV, and then lastly, George’s POV (he is the head vampire who they’re both after). This allows the audience to get an intimate peek into each character and see the story from three different angles. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. In addition, I liked the supporting characters. They are likeable and serve their rolls in the storyline very well.

Book Weaknesses: 
George is a sociopathic narcissist who has zero respect for life. I didn’t like knowing I had to get into his head, every chapter. That third section of each chapter would make me take a deep breath as I poured through his thoughts and actions. I also tend to prefer faster paced books. Although, I appreciate that in all her detail, Wohl was carefully allowing her audience to intimately know her MC’s and their inner turmoil. I’m not gonna lie, by 70% of the way into the story I was suffering bangxiety…only to find no steamy scenes. 

Character Chemistry: 
As this is a slow burn romance, the characters don’t start to acknowledge their attraction towards each other for quite a while. It makes sense, though. For years, Jeni hasn’t thought of anything or anyone, beyond avenging the death of Avery. In addition, for three hundred years, Isa has been focused on her plot to kill the one responsible for making her a vampire. Wohl does a good job of making sure the development of her character’s feelings are as genuine as possible, when placed in this context. If it had been a fast burn romance, not sure the believability would factor well for this story. Throughout the story they manage to “play nice” with each other, while focusing on their plot. But the sensual chemistry doesn’t arrive til the last 15-20% of the read. A kiss or two, but no sharing of intimacy beyond that. The thoughtful storyline had me reading for more. So if you like a thoughtful slow burn with no sex…this is your book. 

Eventually it was nice to start seeing the two women work together. When Jeni faces her issue with falling for the thing she despises most, a vampire…and Isa comes to terms that her undead status doesn’t mean she can’t live a life, is when I melted. 

Heat Rating

Wrap up: 
I enjoy a good paranormal romance, any day of the week. Witnessing two characters work through their issues is always a plus. There’s something special in getting to see MC’s grow in life and in love. I especially enjoy when it’s done without drama…beyond the drama in capturing their vampire. If you enjoy a slow burn and slow paced story with action and paranormal, then this is your read. 



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