The Holiday Treatment by Elle Spencer

Not only did I almost fall off the sofa with all the swooning, but I’m so excited for Christmas!!!!

What was the book about?
Holly is a story editor and writer for the Wifetime network. Her most significant writing moments so far have been on the ‘Christmas in Evermore’ film series. But all Holly dreams about is writing her own Lesbian Romance Christmas movie. But no one will give her a chance. Wifetime Network claims their audience is not ready… Yet! But yet it is years off, and Holly is tired of waiting.

When Wifetime network exec and the object of Holly’s desires, Meredith appears in the same hotel while on Christmas vacation, everything changes. The attraction is mutual, and they jump into a passionate holiday fling, but when they both land back home, everything needs to go back to normal to keep their jobs.

The one caveat? Meredith is willing to get Holly’s Lesbian romance on the big screen. But with the bigwigs breathing down both their necks, can Meredith keep her promise to Holly while sticking to their agreement and keeping her at arms length?

Featured Tropes
Boss-employee, holiday fling, Rom-com, Christmas

Book Strengths
I can hear the Hallmark channel calling!!!

Do you ever read a book and when it comes to writing the review, you just don’t know if you could possibly do the book justice? That’s how good this book is.

This book was the warm Christmassy hug I was looking for. I did not stop to put this book down when I was reading it. It just pulled me in from the first chapter.

Any moments with Holly and her sarcastic, sassy and funny banter just had me hook line and sinker. She was so funny, adorable, awkward, but wholly loveable and kind. One hundred per cent my favourite character and I would read a million stories with Holly as the star.

One of many favourite quotes from this book was
“Sorry,” she whispered. “I usually save my swear words for more appropriate situations like zombies surrounding the city or, you know, great sex.”

I full-on belly laughed at that moment, and that wasn’t the only one, let me tell you!

Meredith was gorgeous, smooth and clearly taken with our goofy Holly from the beginning. It was fascinating to watch her react to Holly or when she would want nothing more than to be with Holly but couldn’t because of her job. She was another extraordinary character to read, and in the end, she and Holly were made for each other. #soulmates

The ending of the book was pretty magical, and I was a mess of tears and tissues but then came the epilogue and the ending had nothing on the epilogue. The epilogue was just #perfection!

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between Holly and Meredith is phenomenal and let me tell you for all Holly’s awkwardness she is a firecracker between the sheets. The first sex scene was so unbelievably sexy that I thought my book was going to burst into flames. Meredith certainly dressed to impress. For a contemporary romance, it certainly was hot!

What was really thrilling was when Meredith and Holly are back home trying to stay platonic work colleagues. The struggle is real, and even I felt the pull between them.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
Just keep writing the words Elle Spencer because they are exquisite.
The best way to start the festive season is with this fantastic Christmas rom-com! You won’t regret adding this to Santa’s list!


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