16 Steps to Forever by Georgia Beers

What was the book about?
Brooke Sullivan is leaving Ohio (and her disapproving parents) and starting again in upstate New York. She’s got the perfect job locked in with one of the best real estate companies in town and is ready for a new challenge. What she isn’t prepared for is frustratingly beautiful, Macy Carr. 

Macy Carr’s life was put on pause when the love of her life died. She’s not looking for love except the love she receives from her house full of animals. And they love on her a lot. Between her animals and her great job as a property stager, she’s content… happy even!

When Brooke and Macy need to work together, the attraction is palpable. The more time they spend together, the more the chemistry builds, and neither one of them expect the feelings they are having.

But can Macy really let go of her past trauma enough to let Brooke in? And can Brooke live her life authentically without appeasing her parents?

Featured Tropes
Romance, Bisexual protag, femme-femme,  

Book Pros
I really enjoyed this book. When I closed my kindle on the last page, I sat and took a moment to enjoy all the lovely feels that the ending radiated. I’ll be honest and say at the start of this book I worried it was going to be too slow, but I quickly realised that Macy’s character development couldn’t be rushed. She’s been through hell and deserved the time to get to know her new romantic dynamic with Brooke. At the core of Macy and Brooke’s romance is this intense connection that is almost spiritual. It was amazing to read and watch it all unfold.

I’m loving Georgia’s new upbeat, playful writing style and I think the last few books have had an air of levity and fun that I am really enjoying. I especially loved the playful banter between Macy and Brooke. 

My favourite character was one hundred percent, Macy. I just wanted to be her friend from the very beginning, and her backstory was so heartbreaking that you are backing her and Brooke’s connection from the start. 

I also want to give a shout out to GB because it’s so exciting to see so many different sexualities being written into lesbian fiction. I know she’s done it before, but it is really awesome to see headliner authors being so inclusive. 

Secondary characters in this book just added to this awesome story. Especially Macy’s nephew, Tyler. My favourite Tyler quote was:

“I don’t do the label thing, Aunt Mace. I mean, it’s fine if you want to, but my generation tends to not like them so much. We’re just us. We’re just who we are.”

This is the generation I am the most excited about, and Tyler reinforced it for me.

This is me repeating myself again because it’s Georgia Beers but damn this woman can write a kissing scene. I feel myself in awe of her kissing scene prowess. 

Book Cons
I just felt we never got to see Brooke and Macy’s HEA. The ending was beautiful, it really was, and it gave me all the feels but with everything Macy has been through I would have really enjoyed a little more confirmation on their happy ever after. 

They both appear in the novella collection All I want for Christmas, and I read that straight after to get some more Brooke and Macy feels. 

Character Chemistry
I’m about to make a big statement here, but I think this might have been the sexiest sex scene Georgia Beers has ever written. I have tracked back in my mind to all her books, and I don’t think any are as sexy or that the connection between the character is so palpable Between the kissing, the canoodling and the hot sex… well damn!

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 
(4.5 Flames)

Wrap up
I couldn’t put this book down and honestly; it felt like I was being whisked away into Macy and Brooke’s world. If you are looking for a romance that is packed full of fun and charming characters, this book is for you. 


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