The Thing About Tilly by G Benson

There are times I am handed a book to review and I lose all sense of awareness and time. At 4am this morning I realised this was one of those books!!

What was the book about?
Best friends since university Tilly and Evie have a bond above any other friendship. 

Tilly is a flight risk. Always has been. She takes off when things get hard. Evie has begun to know and expect it from her but what Evie doesn’t know is that Tilly has a secret and she can’t be who she really wants to be until everyone knows the truth.

Evie has always known that her soulmate is her best friend, Tilly. But what’s the point in putting your heart on the line for someone who always disappears at a moments notice. When Evie falls pregnant, and Tilly is determined to help her, Can she trust Tilly enough not to run away again?

Featured Tropes
Romance, Bisexual Protag, Pansexual protag, Friends to lovers, soulmates  

Book Pros
Well damn!! This is a love story of epic proportion. I’ve read a lot of friends to lovers romances, but The Thing About Tilly is just beyond.  

G Benson has well and truly put her heart and soul into this one. My heart broke for Tilly and Evie’s love story, and I still get an ache thinking about certain parts of the book. It’s been a long time since I’ve cried or felt so much emotion in a story. In fact, there was a scene in the baby store with Tilly and secondary character Luke, and I almost couldn’t finish the page because I was a sobbing mess. 

Ok, so I loved Evie. What a great character to read, so much fun but also kind and true to herself. It was funny because the flashback scenes show how much Tilly has always relied on Evie, but when Evie gets pregnant, the tables turn. Breaking down Evie’s wall of trust was beautiful to read because Tilly really had a lot of ground to make up.

Oh, Tilly! If there was ever a character that deserved her happy ever after it was Tilly.. Her kind and fun nature shone through from the start, but she was a tortured soul who was followed by ghosts that haunted her happiness. My heart was so tied up in all her angst that I was praying for these two to make it (even though I knew it was inevitable). Benson really knocked it out of the park with her character development with Evie and Tilly. Truly an emotional ride.  

Also, the diversity of characters from gender, sexuality and race is incredible! I wanted to air high five G Benson on her inclusivity! Great work!

Character Chemistry
Tilly and Evie have had feelings for each other for a very long time. So the chemistry between them is fierce because it is built on a complex and intimate friendship and mutual attraction. Even if this had been a fade to black (which is definitely not!), you would have sensed the intimate and physical chemistry that radiates between them just by being together.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
This book is one of the best novels I’ve read this year without a doubt! It floored me emotionally, and I am still recovering. It’s raw and heartfelt but damn it’s worth it! I highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy and shutting out the world for a while because this book deserves every moment of your time.


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