The Love Factor by Quinn Ivins

The 1990’s are calling!

What was the book about?
The days of Monica Lewinski, Melissa Etheridge and Ellen coming out you could almost feel that things were moving in the right direction and fast. However, in many ways that wasn’t the case and we are still fighting. In this setting is Molly Cook, a troublemaker, with aspirations of finishing a PhD based in political science. As she starts her second year, she is has to take on statistics and her advanced statistics instructor, Professor Carmen Vaughan, is someone to be reckoned and to mention the focus of a massive crush for Molly. Professor Grayson is a man with an axed to grind (hypothetically) and is rabidly homophobic and his one-man crusade sets off a chain of events which affect any relationship with Molly and Carmen could hope to consider.

Featured Tropes
Historical (albeit 1990s!), romance

Book Strengths
For those of us who came out in the 1990s this is a trip down memory lane. While reading I felt the frustration and anger watching Molly and Carmen having deal with homophobia which kept many in the closet at the time. Then I was cheering along with them when they prevailed. I can barely add up (just ask my wife when I try and do a budget) but I was truly fascinated by the way statistics were explained. I was totally engaged with both Molly and Carmen and I reckon if I turned up on the grounds of their college back in 1997, I would recognise them without any problem.

Book Weaknesses
For me this book was a little slow in the beginning but then it picked up and was very much engaged by it.

Character Chemistry:

The relationship between Molly and Carmen is slow to build and that is for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean it is any less satisfying. The secondary characters such as Tina and Aditi were a great addition to the story and helped it along.!

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
For me this was a walk down memory lane in a time when there was no social media and the mobile phones were phones not phones that are cameras. All this nostalgia tied up in a lovely story. Oh and one more thing…Carmen in a pencil skirt, damn!


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