Conflict of Interest by Jae

A well-written, slow-burn, crime thriller that tackles some hard topics with care.

What was the book about?
I want to start by saying that this book needs to be preceded by a Content Warning for rape, sexual assault, trauma, PTSD, etc. 

Detective Aiden Carlisle is an all-about-the-job detective on the Sexual Assault team. She is certainly not looking for love, but finds herself interested in a beautiful psychologist who presents a seminar to the department, Dawn Kinsley. The two have barely begun their acquaintance when Dawn is brutally sexually assaulted herself, and Detective Carlisle is on the case. The rest of the novel intertwines the search for her rapist and the quest for justice with Aiden and Dawn’s developing yet complicated friendship/relationship.

Featured Tropes
Slow burn, butch/femme, crime/court procedural, cops and docs

Book Strengths
Jae is a really excellent at putting out a well-written and well-researched novel with excellent character development, and Conflict of Interest is no exception. The story is well-paced and full of excellent content. Both characters have a lovely arc. The content is obviously well-researched – and this was a tough topic to take on! Special attention was obviously paid to honoring the very real after effects of rape/sexual assault not only on the survivor but also on their family, partner, etc. 

Book Weaknesses
The only negative thing I can say about Conflict of Interest is that it tackles a topic that can be quite triggering for some. Jae doesn’t gloss over the details, and this style was certainly important to the story in this case, but should certainly be noted. I don’t personally see this as a weakness, as I truly do not think it should have been any different.

Character Chemistry
Aiden and Dawn’s chemistry is lovely. Mostly sweet with a side of hot. They are memorable both as individual characters and as a couple. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥

Don’t come to this one for the sex, but what’s there is perfect and in no way lacking

Wrap up
Pick up Conflict of Interest when you are ready for a good read with some heavy topics that are tackled beautifully. You won’t be able to put this one down, but may need a box of tissues next to you and a Do Not Disturb sign so that you don’t have to stay on the edge of your seat longer than necessary.


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