When You Least Expect It by Haley Cass

My new favourite Christmas Story!

What was the book about?
Caroline was not expecting to see Hannah Dalton on Christmas Eve; actually she was never expecting to see her ever again. Now Hannah is back in her life looking for a lawyer to help her divorce her husband, who happens to be an ex-colleague of Caroline’s. Caroline’s crush on Hannah is still as present as ever, and it is getting worse with every moment they spend together. It doesn’t help that the odds are even more unlikely as Hannah is straight and not looking for anything other than friendship.

Caroline needs to find a way to move on! But how can she when she is so infatuated with this woman that no one else can possibly measure up?

Featured Tropes
Romance, Toaster oven, Friends to lovers, Soulmates, Lesfic with kids

Book Strengths
This was the love story I needed this Christmas, and it’s 100% my new favourite Christmas read. Haley Cass has been a dark horse in 2020. Her books are so heartfelt and swoony that romance lovers everywhere should be reading her books. 

Caroline is an excellent character to read, and as the whole story is from her point of view, you really get to embrace her feelings for Hannah, but also how much fun she is with her internal thoughts. She’s also kind, warm, and thoughtful in one hundred different ways every day, especially to the ones she loves. 

Some of my favourite moments were between Caroline and Hannah’s daughter, Abbie. It was wonderful to watch as their relationship grew into one not only of more than a friend but as a possible parent. As a mum myself, I felt very attracted to Caroline in those moments. 

So Hannah! Oh, gorgeous, sweet and brave Hannah! What an absolutely divine character to read. She went through hell and back during her marriage and then divorce. If anyone deserved a soul mate like Caroline, it was Hannah.

Can’t believe I am saying this but…there was no epilogue! And it did not matter to me one bit. This only happens every now and then, but I felt all the forever feels in the end. Don’t get me wrong; I am hoping and praying for a little short story much like Haley Cass did with Those Who Wait because that would be a book I would be at the front of the queue for. Seriously!

Character Chemistry
So Caroline’s attraction for Hannah is front and centre from the get-go. You don’t actually get any clues on how Hannah feels until a little later on but when you do… Bam! These two are sending fiery looks, having chats that would scorch the earth and when they do finally fall into bed, I was worried the sheets would set alight. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Audiobook Review by Jude
Each narrator has their own strengths. I’m not sure exactly how to explain what makes Lori Prince the perfect choice for Haley Cass’s books, but there’s no doubt in my mind that she is.

Her voices are not the most distinctive (especially men’s voices or, as in this book, children’s) but her tone, her intonations, her acting couldn’t fit better. It’s especially true when it comes to highlighting the chemistry between the two main characters, you can hear all that longing in both Caroline’s and Hannah’s voices.

And if you thought that scene during the weekend away with Caroline’s friends was hot when you read it, wait until you hear Lori Prince’s take on it.

Wrap up
Sometimes the ideal book falls into your lap at the perfect time, and that’s what happened with When You Least Expect It. I highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy and shutting out the world for a while because this book deserves your undivided attention. Best enjoyed with mulled wine, a box of tissues and some yummy dark chocolate! Get all the Christmas feels going at once. 


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