If You Dare by Sandy Lowe

2020 the year of living life outside our comfort zone and pushing all the boundaries!

What was the book about?
Reader Advisory: If You Dare contains explicit fantasies of non-consent.

Lauren West has recently moved home from San Francisco after she is part of a workplace scandal. Small town gossip made her life hell when she was young, and it hasn’t changed one bit. Her best friend, Roxie, in an attempt to bring her out of a funk, dares Lauren to fuck the next woman who walks through the door of the bar. At first Lauren baulks at this dare but when Emma Prescott walks through that door, she knows that she can’t resist playing along. 

As they get to know each other Lauren discovered she isn’t the only one that enjoys the world of kink… Even if Emma doesn’t know it yet!

Featured Tropes
BDSM, Non-consent Fantasies, Romance, Femme-Femme

Book Strengths:

Sandy Lowe told me about this book back in December 2019, so to say I’ve been patiently waiting has been an understatement. I love reading erotica, it’s one of my favourite genres, but this one interested me. Not only did it sound incredibly sexy, but I like when authors really push the limits on sex and show other sides to sexual dynamics that we are never exposed to in the real world.

What I loved about this book was how likeable both the characters are. They really drew me into the story and had me excited to go on their kinky journey with them. Lauren and Emma’s opposites attract dynamic was fantastic and really drew me in especially because it’s a trope I always enjoy. What I especially liked was the town sweetheart falling for the bad girl. And oh! Boy does Lauren radiate the sexy bad girl motif. But there is a softer side to Lauren, she doesn’t always show the world, and I think that’s what pulled me to her character development the most. 

Emma reminded me of a kinky Miss Honey from Matilda. And this Miss Honey fan was so very excited to see Emma go from a shy, reserved to all out kinky lady. Emma was 100%, my favourite character. To watch her gain courage and tenacity throughout the book was a real turn on… maybe even more than her sexual fantasies! Maybe… just maybe!

The passion and heat were why I started this book, and I wasn’t disappointed, it was a pleasant surprise to enjoy the story and journey with the characters just as much.

The sex scenes in this book are not for the faint-hearted and will push your boundaries. Sandy Lowe really makes sure she ticks all the boxes on consensual non-consent making sure that not only her characters are comfortable in the dynamic but also the reader. 

I realise that for some people (and rightly so), this book might not be for them however the way that Ms Lowe has written the narrative has given an in-depth insight to a person’s psyche and why they want and need specific fantasies. 

Lauren, as the domme in the relationship, doesn’t take her role in Emma’s life lightly, and both of the women are respectful of their needs. I have to say that if I was lucky enough to walk through that bar room door and meeting Lauren was part of a dare, I would go for it! 

At first, when I started reading, I thought there was a lot of narrative and not much dialogue; however, on reflection, I understand why. The author needed to put this story into a way that although it will be inevitably offensive to some, it would show the deep feelings, needs, deepest kinkiest desires which ultimately lead to love.

Character Chemistry:

Well Damn!!! These two set the sheets on fire. I was worried for like a second my book would set alight. WOW! There is also an intimate connection between Emma and Lauren as well. They become protective of each other and genuinely want happiness. 

From the beginning, there was a strong connection between these two women. Their pathway to love was rocky in a way, but when they get there…damn!

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up

I love when an author pushes the boundaries, plays outside of the “Lesfic” box and to write outside of their comfort zone. Sandy Lowe did this with If You Dare. It’s sexy, intriguing, and everything this erotica fan is looking for in 2020.

When you decide to read this book, suspend your judgement and remember that this can be a fantasy for some people in real life. If you can get past that, you will find a healthy and incredible love story, albeit a kinky one.

Star Rating
Rach: 5 Stars    Sarah: 4.5 Stars


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