Straight Up by Rachel Spangler

What was the book about?
Five erotic adventures with five different woman. What do all these women have in common? Well firstly they are presumably straight, and they all need to feel like they are the centre of the universe for one night. And our main character Geo makes it her mission to makes these women feel good. 

Featured Tropes
Anthology, erotic collection, HEA, Finding yourself

I enjoyed this book. Honestly, it wasn’t what I expected, I had expected a bunch of sexy one night stands, but in fact, I read of a yoga instructor, Geo who is attracted to a range of different woman, who believes in body positivity and genuinely wants each woman she is with to understand their self-worth. 

Each sexual encounter awakens each woman to their potential and the realisation that men have not been hitting the right buttons all along. The only problem for me as a romance reader was that with every sexual encounter I had Geo and the woman falling madly in love and running off into the sunset together… This did not happen. In fact, as much as Geo was proud of helping these women, I felt it affected her each, and every time there was no happy ending… Until the end!

I won’t ruin it for you, but this book finally gave me what I was worried I wasn’t going to get, a happy ever after. Phew!

Something about the fact that Geo was only sleeping with straight women didn’t sit 100% okay with me. I mean, I get why she was doing it, and I was totally on board for the results, but it was almost like she was seeking them out. Not sure why but it niggled at me a bit. 

Character Chemistry
Chemistry in this book is palpable. HOT! I wouldn say it is hotter in a romance arena than in erotica but still very sexy. 

Aliyah and May were 100% my favourite stories, and I felt the chemistry with Geo was at it’s best between them and Geo.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
This books surprised me and gave me lots of food for thought… sexy thoughts! Every character brought a different dynamic into play. I love when authors write out of the usual stories, and this is very out of the norm and very brave of Rachel Spangler to write. And she pulled it off very well.


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