Rach’s 12 Best Lesfic 2020

2020 has been one of the craziest of my life. This community has been a wonderful place to hang out while the world fell apart and is now putting it’s self back together again.

This year we had more visitors than ever before visiting our site and reading our reviews. Which honestly I’m shocked about with the way 2020 has gone. Our most-read reviews this year were Temptation by Kris Bryant and Those Who Wait by Haley Cass. 

The books submitted this year for review, in my opinion, have been some of the best ever written in Lesbian/WLW fiction. So completing a best-of list for 2020 was more challenging than ever before. After a few weeks of procrastination, I have finally finalised my list. In honour of the craziness of 2020, I actually have two number one books this year… Because, why not!

My Best of 2020

Number One

Temptation by Kris Bryant & Spindrift by Anna Burke

These two books fought for the top spot for almost a year and for very different reasons. I had to give into them both after a reread last week. I knew then there was going to be two winners of 2020!

Temptation by Kris Bryant 
This book came out almost a year ago, and it has never left my mind. It’s not often an author writes every one of your favourite tropes into one book. I have reread it numerous times of the past year and fell in love with it a little more each and every time.

Review quote:
“I adored everything about this book. Temptation is my definition of Lesbian Fiction Perfection. “

Spindrift by Anna Burke
Spindrift was everything I needed in a romance in 2020. The character development and beautiful story just had me glued to the page from the second I began reading it. I’ve since reread it and fell in love all over again. What a book!

Review quote:
“I’m starting to think Anna Burke is like a writing unicorn… there is nothing she can’t write.”

1. Temptation by Kris Bryant and Spindrift by Anna Burke

3. Those Who Wait by Haley Cass
The  debut novel that changed the game!

4. Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton
“Clare Ashton is a goddamn genius”

5. The Road Home by Erin Zak
“This book broke me then put me back together again.”

6. The Thing About Tilly by G Benson
“It floored me emotionally, and I am still recovering.”

7. Bulletproof by Maggie Cummings
“I was captivated from the beginning and can’t wait to see how Maggie Cummings will top this.”

8. Hotel Queens by Lee Winter
I loved every minute of getting burned with fire and cooled with ice! #Swoon

9. Wrong Number, Right Woman by Jae
“This book is a big warm hug!”

10. A Breathless Place by Harper Bliss
“This is such a beautiful story of searching for a reason to live and finding it when you least expect it.”

11. The Scent of Rome by Lise Gold
“I was immersed in the story from the first chapter and felt like I was part of the story. “

12. Bet Against Me by Fiona Riley
“This book is quintessentially Fiona Riley with the characters having off the chart chemistry,  sizzling tension and sexy sassy dialogue.”

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