Christmas in Mistletoe by Clare Lydon

The perfect wintertime book for some light-hearted escapist reading. 

What was the book about?
Fran Bell is in the music industry, and she lives for her job of signing and managing artists. Ruby O’Connell is one such (talented, beautiful) artist – and the two meet on the very first page when Fran attends one of Ruby’s gigs, hoping to sign her. Though their initial meeting didn’t go to plan, Fran and Ruby run into each other again thanks to the town of Mistletoe. Fran’s parents have recently relocated to Mistletoe and Ruby’s family runs a Christmas tree farm there. Fran and Ruby meet again, and they attempt to strike a tentative friendship, despite their differences. 

Featured Tropes
Christmas, enemies to lovers, home for the holidays

Book Strengths
I am a fan of Clare Lydon’s – she always delivers on a light-hearted rom-com with just enough conflict to keep you interested without stressing you out too much. The perfect holiday read, really. I enjoyed both Ruby and Fran’s characters, as well as the extended circle of family and friends. Lydon writes likeable characters and this book is no exception. She also delivered a setting that is to-die-for. If you’re hoping to get into (or stay in) the holiday spirit, look no further. The town of Mistletoe and its inhabitants, as well as the goings on at the O’Connell’s tree farm, will have you reaching for the hot cocoa and turning on the fire. Clare Lydon’s love for the holiday season leaps off the pages, to a delightful effect. 

Book Weaknesses
Fran and Ruby’s conflicts feel simultaneously a bit convoluted as well as out-of-character for the two of them. In particular, Ruby’s wishy-washiness about the music industry just doesn’t quite jive with her otherwise confident character. As I was reading, I kept hoping for “the story” about how she was burned by a previous music exec to explain her attitude, and never quite got that answer. That said, the conflict was necessary to move the story along and it certainly served its purpose in the end.

Character Chemistry
Fran and Ruby have stellar chemistry. Their relationship is enjoyable to read. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
If you’re looking for something light and fun that will let you hold on to the holiday spirit any time of year, I recommend Christmas in Mistletoe. Come for the Clare Lydon special – a light-hearted, well-paced rom-com that’s covered in snow.


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