Journey to Cash by Ashley Bartlett

What was the book about?
Sometimes life is quiet for a while and then a lot happens in one day. Like that day when Cash’s supposedly dead mother shows up at her door and Laurel reappears, all bruised and battered, after seven months who knows where. Cash doesn’t exactly have time to be really mad at her since her former business partner is the one responsible for Laurel’s injuries, and is planning to kill them both.

Featured Tropes
Good Girl/Bad Girl

Book Strengths
As I wrote in my review for one of the previous books in this series, I never thought I’d love a drug dealer so much. Cash Braddock is one of my favourite characters ever: she’s smart, funny, relatably flawed. She’s a survivor and an emotional coward (her words, not mine) but also unconsciously ready to grow, despite what she wants others to think. She’s more than willing to break rules and laws she believes are absurd or unfair but she has more morals than many people I know.

Journey to Cash is fun and exhilarating and fast-paced, surprisingly so since the characters spend a lot of time waiting, but Bartlett keeps the rhythm up with banter and delightfully funny dialogues. And Cash isn’t the only fantastic character, they all are.

Book Weaknesses
It’s not exactly a weakness since it’s also why I love this series, but Cash’s snarkiness is getting a bit old. Which makes it perfect, as it’s time to say goodbye, this book being the final one in the series.

The characters tend not to have very distinctive voices but it doesn’t really matter, I was enjoying the dialogue too much to care.

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between Cash and Laurel has always been huge, since book 1. It’s the main reason they can’t stay away from each other even when the hurt and betrayal keep coming.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
Journey to Cash is a very enjoyable and fitting end to an excellent series. I’ll miss Cash and everyone, but I have faith in Bartlett to come up with more morally grey yet totally loveable characters.


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