One Shot at Love by Annette Mori

Opposites definitely do attract!

What was the book about?
Imagine, if you will, two women who are about as far apart in some of their beliefs and are brought together under some extremely heart-breaking circumstances. How could love find its way through and grow? Maribel was literally the poster child of the NRA and is now an Olympic champion of Skeet Shooting. But this is not what defines her, and she has never forgotten her humble start in life. Maribel meets Blair at what could be the worst day of her life; Blair’s seven year old sister Trina, had just been murdered in a mass shooting at her school. Blair’s passion for gun control goes into overdrive and what the hell is going to happen when she finds out that the woman she is falling in love with has been connected to the NRA albeit when young?

Featured Tropes
Romance, opposites attract, 

Book Strengths
I found myself urging these two wonderful women on. The vulnerability and strength of Maribel to help Blair through the bad times but also the very good shone through. Considering the time we live in and the fight for gun control in the USA, I can only commend Ms Mori for the way she has written this novel. In no way at all is it preachy or extreme but it makes you think and think a lot! Blair and Maribel find love and it is so meaningful to read the way they do. There are three bonuses in this novel, and they are Sandy, Blair’s best friend, Lucritia (aka Squirt) and Skeeter, Maribel’s very cute and loveable dog.

Character Chemistry
Maribel and Blair are wonderful together, even when they a pissed off with each other you know that what they have is strong, oh and the sex is great!!! Just saying! The passion that each has for their ideals is obvious but so is their ability to compromise. Skeeter, Maribel’s dog gives the story comedic relief and I bet any dog lover would recognise their own pup in Skeeter. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
This is such a heart-warming novel and it made me wish the same as Lucritia does at the end of the book..if these two women can compromise and make it work and love each other why can’t the rest of us? I thoroughly recommend this novel – a great read!


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