Tangled Vows by Anna Stone

With Tangled Vows, Anna Stone brings you exactly what you came to her for – a steamy BDSM romance – the first in the “Mistress” series.

What was the book about?
Tangled Vows is a fake relationship romance, following Ruby Scott and Yvonne Maxwell. Ruby is an escort – the book opens with her attempting to re-enter the escort game after apparently having been with an exclusive client for a few years. Yvonne is an icy executive, in Vegas for a friend’s bachelorette party. Though we come to know her as an in-control, icy executive, we meet Yvonne at the bar, looking to drown her sorrows (which we come to find out are related to losing a potential inheritance due to not being married). Ruby and Yvonne end up in a marriage of convenience, and Yvonne is determined not to allow it to become anything more than that, despite the two of them obviously lusting after each other (especially as Ruby’s submissive side comes out and proves a perfect match for Yvonne’s Dominance). 

Featured Tropes
Fake relationship, BDSM, age gap, Dom/sub, ice queen

Book Strengths
Anna Stone wrote two well-fleshed-out characters in Tangled Vows. Both Anna and Yvonne have consistent and dependable personalities, and nice character arcs throughout the novel. As a BDSM romance, Tangled Vows certainly delivers (as Anna Stone’s fans would expect). I rooted for both characters throughout. Stone also wrote the chemistry beautifully. I cared about Ruby and Yvonne’s relationship … and the heat didn’t disappoint. 

Book Weaknesses
I found Tangled Vows to be both extremely predictable and a little TOO trope-y, which I would say are the main weaknesses. It was difficult to suspend my disbelief surrounding most of the circumstances (an escort just happens to meet someone who MUST get married in order to obtain large amounts of money, but also already has large amounts of money and lives lavishly, etc etc etc). That said, I think most readers come to a book like this precisely for the predictability and a even for the fantasy-adjacent plot. 

Character Chemistry
Ruby and Yvonne’s chemistry is never in doubt! It leaps off every page that mentions the two of them. Their relationship is a classic Dominant/submissive pairing, and the BDSM scenes are believable and … pretty hot. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
Despite its predictability, Tangled Vows hooked me on the Mistress series. You better believe I’m lining up to read the next one …


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