Maybe Charlotte by Louise McBain

What was the book about?
When she got a job offer as a nurse in a hospital in Washington, DC, Charlotte jumped at the chance to leave her hometown in Maine and, more specifically, her manipulative but very seductive ex-girlfriend, Madison. On a night out with her flamboyant twin brother Daniel, Charlotte meets Lily, then bumps into her again because, you know, fate. Lily is dealing with her own issues but the connection is too strong to ignore.

Featured Tropes
Artist; Singer; Lawyer; Nurse

Book Strengths
Like Claiming Camille before, Maybe Charlotte – which can be read as a standalone despite being set in the same universe – is a light and sweet read. Both Charlotte and Lily are good people who only want the best for everyone. They have their flaws too, but they act like adults and communicate instead of making assumptions, and that’s really refreshing.

There’s also a great ensemble of secondary characters, especially around Charlotte. She and Daniel live in their great-aunt Wellesley Kincaid’s guest house. Wellesley is an internationally known artist and somewhat of a recluse, who shares her home with an older gay couple. Sunday brunches at Wellesley’s sound like great fun, I must admit.

Book Weaknesses
I’ll probably have forgotten all about this book in a few weeks, but it was a lovely read, so is it really a weakness? I don’t remember much about Claiming Camille either beyond the fact that I enjoyed it. It was enough to make me pick up this book when I got the opportunity and I enjoyed it just as much.

Character Chemistry
At one point, Charlotte marvels that she doesn’t know much at all about Lily yet feels so safe and happy with her, and how out-of-character it is for her. That’s how chemistry works.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
A lovely romance with very lovable characters, both main and secondary. I’m looking forward to more by this author.


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