Scent by Kris Bryant

After reading this book I was fantasizing about chocolate for weeks… 

What was the book about?
The object of Nico’s affection catches the same L train every Thursday, and she can’t seem to get the courage to talk to her. When the woman turns out to be Sophia Sweet, her new client, Nico panics and asks her sister to work with her.

Nico is anxious about Sophia knowing she owns the company. She has become quite wealthy and her ex-wife only wanted Nico for her money. In an attempt to woo Sophia and find out if she is driven by money, she lies about her job and financial situation. But the more time they spend together, the deeper Nico’s feelings and the lies surrounding her become. 

She has finally found the woman of her dreams… What if she ruined it before it has even begun? 

Featured Tropes
Secret admirer, Andro-Femme, artists, Client-employee

Book Pros
I am a massive fan of Kris Bryant books, and Scent had me glued to the page just like all the rest. Written from Nico’s sole point of view was an interesting take and exactly where the reader needs to be. Nico was a fantastic character, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this story through their eyes.

This book has a tad more angst than other books, and I think that was because the stakes felt higher for Nico and Sophia. For example, I understood Nico’s reasons for keeping her secret/identity from Sophia. Still, as they begin to develop a strong connection for each other, you can see Sophia’s walls come down, and then the secrets seem to get bigger. That made the whole story, the secret and Sophia’s vulnerability seem more intense. I have to give it to Kris Bryant though, she knows how to have me on the edge of my seat one minute and then she brings the characters (and me) back together with style. 

I want to mention how much I loved the body positivity in this book. Nico is androgynous with curves and muscle, and Sophia is a sexy curvy, plus-size femme. It was like my little brain exploded at how perfect it all was. 

Nico is my idea of dreamy with her kind heart and fun spirit. The fact she is an independent artist and presents as androgynous butch… Well, damn that’s just hot!

As always Kris Bryant had me in tears in the epilogue. She writes happily ever afters like a pro, and I am there for every second of the butterflies she gives me.

Character Chemistry
There was a nice build-up to the sex scene, and I enjoyed Nico waiting before pursuing Sophia on a sexual level even though it was evident how much they wanted each other. There was a lot of verbal foreplay between them that could come off as just fun and flirty, but being in Nico’s head, you knew how much she wanted Sophia and that just made it just damn sexy!

Audio version:
Brittani Pope did the audio version of Scent. As usual, she knocked it out of the park with her narration. My only suggestion (and this could be a personal thing) is that I usually put Brittani’s narrations to a speed of 1.2x or 1.3x as I feel like it flows better with her tone. But I thoroughly enjoyed it just as much as reading the ebook. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
Kris Bryant continues to wow me with every book she produces. She writes sexy, low angst books that pack a punch in the romance section. I can’t wait for the final sensory book, which I believe will be based on sight. If it’s anything like the others I know, I’ll be first in line for my copy. Go grab Scent and a box of chocolates… You won’t regret it!


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