Lesfic Eclectic edited by Robyn Nyx

What was the book about?
A collection of short stories from the debut, new and well-known authors. 

Book Strengths
I have read the seasoned writers before such as Anna Larner, Robyn Nyx, Brey Willows, Jenn Matthews and Anne Shade as always blew me away with their storytelling, and as an already fan, I knew that they would so I just sunk in and read all those stories first. 

However, this collection is about showcasing the new authors, and for that reason, I took my time reading the rest. I felt myself almost reading more intently to the words. Why? In 2020 I loved more books by debut authors than ever before and to read a collection dedicated to the newish or debut authors was very intriguing. 

If I reviewed every one of these stores separately, it would take a while, so instead, my favourites are five.

  1. But You by Helen Harte
  2. The Wedding Invitation by Eliza Hale 
  3. The Elephant Trees by Valden Bush
  4. The Feast by Lily Morris
  5. Unconditional Friendship by Lee Haven

A little something for everyone is the tagline across the cover, and I couldn’t agree more. 

Wrap up
I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Lesfic Eclectic, a bottle of vino and taking one story at a time. Best part? It’s completely free just click the link below.


Would you like to grab a free copy?

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