Rough Around the Edges by Crystal Chard

It’s an emotional but lovely story about personal growth

What was the book about?
Things aren’t going well for Roxanne Mackenzie, she has to make hard decisions in order to ensure her sick mother gets the best care during her last days, while hiding a secret, that may affect her relationship. 

When she meets Josie Calhoun, she knows she’s in trouble. They are the opposite side of the coin.  Josie has a high moral code, and after some hard life experiences, she has zero-tolerance for lies. Will Roxanne have the strength to right her wrongs? Tell the truth even if it means losing Josie in her life? 

Featured Tropes
lesbian-fiction, contemporary, romance, opposites-attract

Book Strengths
The story plot is very good, and very-well developed. Something I enjoyed very much is how the author revealed flawed, but lovable characters. Another thing to look forward to in this book is the character development. Their journey of personal growth, mostly for Roxanne, as well as her redemption, was displayed in a beautiful way. Another thing that is important, is that despite the hard issues addressed here, it has a good deal of humour.  

Book weaknesses
The first couple of chapters are a bit rough but kept my interest regardless, and I am glad I stuck with it.  One of the main reasons this book didn’t get a five star review from me, is because the reveal of Roxanne’s secret seemed dragged out to me.  

Character Chemistry
It’s easy to feel their attraction and see how compatible they are from the beginning, how they complete each other. Being so different, they offer a nice balance to the relationship. Neither is perfect, both have issues and are struggling with old baggage, but they help each other to grow and improve. The secondary characters have a very important task in their success, Roxane’s mum and her best friend Clara are quite the characters, bringing humour and much needed harsh truths to help them heal and move on.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
It is a lovely, emotional and captivating story that along with the characters will stay with you for a while.


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