Breaking Routine by Melissa Tereze

Sometimes bam! You meet your soulmate, and you weren’t even looking!

What was the book about?
Harper Grey has just gone through a painful breakup with her fiancé Callie. Just before Harper found out that Callie had been cheating on her, Harper had bought a house where she thought they would live happily in the Lake District. Instead of pulling out of the deal, Harper goes ahead with the purchase and decides to make it a home for herself. However, upon arriving at the house, she finds the floor flooded and the power out, so Harper takes a room in the local B&B. Cait Taylor, the owner of the B&B, is entirely and utterly wedded to her business and her brother hasn’t been helping much either. Both these women have insecurities that protect their hearts but they can’t seem to break the immediate connection they feel for each other.

Featured Tropes
Romance, soul mates, small town

Book Strengths
This is a light, feel-good romance and low angst. I like the fact that these two women were looking for something more than a quick one-night stand. They wanted more in their lives and were willing to wait for it.

I really enjoyed reading this one and think it’s the first time Melissa Tereze hasn’t given me a rollercoaster of emotions but simply two people falling in love without the heavy angst. It was definitely a departure from the script. And guess what… it worked just as well as her usual angsty reads.

I particularly loved how Harper and Cait begin to explore their romance adorably and romantically. It gave me all the feels and exactly what I was looking for when I read it.

The epilogue, in particular, was terrific, and you know how I feel about epilogues…

Book Weaknesses
There were a couple of things which niggled me a tiny bit. One was that Jude, Cait’ brother was so nasty to Harper and then was very nice the next time they met; I got whiplash with that one.

Much like Sarah, Jude’s attitude niggled me, but I felt he rectified his actions in the end and made nice.

Character Chemistry
Harper and Cait were on a path to be together almost before they knew it. They are continually drawn together, and even with all the insecurities that they each have nothing would come between them.

You just knew that Harper and Cait were destined to be together, and the road to each other was filled with chemistry and heated looks. So when they fell into bed, the sparks flew and they certainly enjoyed each other when they did.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
This is a sweet story that is well written and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

This is definitely a departure from script for Melissa Tereze in so many ways, but I think it shows her versatility as a writer. This is definitely one to sit back with a glass of vino and enjoy on a winter night.


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