The Delicate Things We Make by Milena McKay

A new author on the block with a debut hit! – Rach

What was the book about?
Jamie’s life isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Kicked out by her unfaithful ex-boyfriend, homeless and living in an apartment attached to an art studio (in secret) and watching her journalism career wash down the drain… life isn’t going well!

That is until her old editor has a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. All she has to do is track down a mysterious artist, DeVors, who has stayed elusive and hidden for years. Once found she must write an article outing the famous artist to the world.

Easy right? Not for Jamie. She finds a lot more to the story, as well as criminal cover-ups and seedy dealings. Not only that, but when she finally finds DeVo, she is captivated with the woman. The more time she spends investigating her, the further she falls.

But she has an article to write! Can she really betray the woman she’s falling for? Mostly when falling in love was never part of the plan.

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Book Strengths

Where have all these debut authors been hiding? Milena McKay is another new author on the block that just knocked it out of the park. #intrigued

Milena McKay has jammed packed this book with so much emotion and beautiful prose that you will need to grab your box of tissues before reading.

My first love will always be Lesbian/ WLW fiction, but my second love is fanfic. This book was originally a ‘Devil Wears Prada’ fic but be aware it’s had a massive rework. If you weren’t a DWP fanfic nerd like me, you wouldn’t have spotted it. To have my first love and second love all together in one book as practically guaranteed it’s 5th star.

In the world of #metoo, this reader has been waiting for a book to tackle this subject. ‘The Delicate Things We Make’ is for every survivor out there who still believes in love.

Someone said to me they would like a prequel of the events that took place in the past, but I have to disagree. I got the perfect amount of knowledge of events from the past to know that Jamie (and mystery protagonist) were meant to meet at that time. #soulmates

Finally, the Epilogue in this book was just fantastic! Whenever I turn the page after the last chapter and read Epilogue, my tummy does a little flip. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them. This Epilogue just tied all the loose ends up in one nice bow and gave the reader the perfect happily ever after.

I loved the secondary characters in this book so much. They added another layer and depth to the plot. I have this feeling that this could make a fantastic series or have a sequel. I would love to see more of Arabella’s future romance or who could tame Heather and make her fall in love! The possibilities are endless.

Firstly, what a great debut novel from Milena McKay! For me, this book has so many levels. I must warn readers that there are parts that could be triggering in relation to rape. However, as you will notice when you first open the book, it is dedicated to the survivors. In some ways, a novel is an act of revenge on those people of society who have been allowed to and who have been enabled to get away with such heinous crimes, but it is so much more.

I loved Jamie Walker. She is desperate to get out of the place she has found herself in but not to the point where she will sell her soul to complete the bargain she has made with the “devil”. Vivian to me is like a phoenix who has the chance to rise from the ashes with the help of the right person and at the same time is this incredibly creative and brilliant artist with her subtle agenda. The secondary characters are equally as strong and have beautiful cameos throughout the book. Lucy, in particular, is a true friend to Jamie and her words of wisdom shine through.

Arabella is a wonderful character who, although she has an ulterior motive at times, is a warm-hearted woman, or at least I thought so. One last thing I really liked was the chapter titles, and they are so good!.

Character Chemistry

The chemistry in this book is palpable. You can feel the moment both women connect because chemistry just sizzles. I loved this book because there is an underlying intimate chemistry between them like this is not all about sex but about something more profound, more important. Almost like they have found “The One”.

Once Jamie and Vivian meet you can practically feel the crackling of electricity between them. Their connection throughout the novel has many ups and downs, and I was there willing them both to go for it even though I knew it wasn’t the right time.

Heat Rating
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Wrap up

Well damn! This book is terrific. I tossed up between 4.5 and 5 stars for this one, and I would have gone with 4.5 stars had this been a seasoned author but the fact a newbie wrote this book, I just knew it was deserving of the full 5 stars. I think this one should definitely be on your must-read list for 2021!

The reader is taken on a journey to solve a mystery about DeVors, and on the way, they experience yearning, passion, fear, revenge and ultimately love. A brilliant debut. Can’t wait to read more from Ms McKay!


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