Femme Like Her by Fiona Zedde

Never say never!!

What was the book about?
Nailah is into driving fast cars, dating studs and she is definitely into femmes, nope not anymore. However, Scottie, a confident and effortlessly dominant femme will change Nailah’s mind. Nailah is simply bowled over by Scottie and her faith in dating a femme is change. When Scottie disappears out of her life after a phone call Nailah is back to square one. The only problem is, apart from her impending job loss, that she can’t stop thinking about Scottie and how she made her feel. 

Featured Tropes
Femme/Femme, romance, hot sex

Book Strengths
First of all, it’s written by Fiona Zedde so you know you are going to get a good story with heat! From the first page bam! For me the characters both main and secondary were totally believable. Their character flaws were all there to see and not left out. 

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between Nailah and Scottie is off the charts from the moment they lock eyes across the room. When they get together you know that it’s going to be hot as hell. Nailah’s friendship with Pauline is fun and light-hearted but also has a serious side to it. Scottie’s seduction of Nailah is just ..wow! However, it is Scottie’s past which gives a real insight into her and why things happened the way they did. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
One of the things that reading this book has told me is that labels mean nothing when love is involved. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Fiona Zedde is definitely one of my favourite authors.


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