The Stars at Night By Gerri Hill

“No city lights for hundreds of miles. You sit out here during a meteor shower and it’s—well, it’s too magnificent to even describe. Shooting stars that seem so close you want to duck your head when they fall.” 

What was the book about? 
Without giving anything away: 
Lexie Walton lost her job and is unable to find another one. Her savings account is dwindling and her parents offer her an opportunity she can’t refuse. Lexie temporarily leaves her apartment and friends in Austin Texas, to trial helping her parents run their lodge in the Davis Mountains in West Texas. There she meets Kyler Clemons. As Lexie’s parents and brother have formed a life for themselves out in the remote Mountains, Lexie quickly learns Kyler has become an integral part of their lives. 

Kyler is a park ranger who moved out to the remote Davis Mountains to escape her dramatic past, four years ago. She has become a part of the Walton family and now considers the Davis Mountains and it’s slower pace of life as her home. Content with her life as a single woman, birdwatcher, park ranger, and best friend to Lexie’s brother, Mark…Lexie then enters the picture and shakes her world. 

When Lexie arrives she is an outsider to this slow-paced Mountain lifestyle. Everyone can see that Lexie and Kyler couldn’t be more different and incompatible than water and oil. But when sparks start to fly with Kyler and a love for the Mountain lifestyle buds, will Lexie be able to accept the new “her” and stay or will she move back to Austin to continue her city life. 

Featured Tropes
Holiday romance, Family, Temporary to Permanent Love, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers 

Book Strengths
Gerri Hill does a wonderful job showing how the slow-paced lifestyle of the mountains differs from the fast-pace of city life. From everyone knowing each other, to animals, to landscapes, to food culture, and finally to family. I love the supporting characters… especially Lexie’s brother, Mark. The alluring landscape descriptions made me want to hop in my car and take a drive out to the mountains, just to gawk at its splendor. In addition, Kyler is a birdwatcher and Hill manages to make birdwatching interesting. I found myself staring at my neighborhood birds, wondering if any of them were mentioned in the story. But the number one strength of this book… it had to be the scenes where Kyler and Lexie went star gazing. Grant it, I am a sucker for such an activity. Some chapters made my cheeks hurt from smiling so much because of the gorgeous star-filled sky they shared, and the budding romance that ensued between these unsuspecting individuals. 

Book Weaknesses
There was this ongoing theme of: we aren’t each other’s type. I get that at the start of the book they were polar opposites. But this theme continued even as Lexie verbalized her love for this mountain life, and she felt free to be herself with Kyler. Hearing Lexie still have this contemplation, which was incongruent to the feelings she was openly verbalizing, was disheartening. Perhaps this is related to the slow-paced aspect of this book. I am a fan of fast-paced books and so perhaps this won’t feel like a book weakness to you? I would love to hear any feedback on this. 

Character Chemistry
There was chemistry, but it is presented in a slow-burn manner. Not enough to have caused me bangxiety. But enough to make the moment they finally plunge… so worth the wait. 

Heat Rating

Wrap up
The Stars at Night is a beautiful mountain romance that will transport you to a paradise. It’s a story of self-discovery, family, and rural living. This romance was a budding romance that snuck-up and on two unsuspecting women who found themselves falling in love under the stars and while gazing at birds. It’s a feel-good slow-burn romance that will make your heart melt. 


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