Inspiration takes a Vacation by Annette Mori

Goddesses and beautiful demi goddesses falling for humans, what’s not to like?

What was the book about?
Abby Prentice is a well-known writer, but writer’s block has her paralyzed. Desperate for a solution to open her writing world, she takes a walk on the beach to clear her mind. Musetta (Muse) needs a vacation, and after doing everything in her will to convince her boss to give her three days off, she finds herself walking on the beach with her favourite writer. The chemistry between Abby and Muse is undeniable.

With an offer from Abby to be Muse’s town guide, Abby discovers she isn’t the only one lacking inspiration. Not long will real consequences of one’s actions come to light, not just for them, but the region of Northwest Arts. As all the dots start to connect, will they sort everything out and get their happy ever after?

Featured Tropes
WLW, fantasy, goddesses, humour

Book Strengths
I loved the way the book started and grabbed my attention from the very first words. The story flows wonderfully with great pace, excellent plot, lovable characters and fantastic chemistry. All the elements combine perfectly. I simply loved and enjoyed the story, from beginning to end. Once I started, there was no stopping until I reached the end.

Character Chemistry
I loved the innocence of Muse and the dorky cute clumsiness of Abby. They work together so well, and that was undeniable from the minute they met. I was so drawn to them that I wanted to know how the story would develop.

Heat rating
(3.5 flames)

Wrap up
It’s a beautiful, enjoyable read, with delightful world-building. It is a very fascinating book, something light and lovely to brighten a cloudy day. Inspiration takes a Vacation is dynamic, fun, and uplifting.


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