Two to Tangle by Melissa Brayden

I loved this book. Loved it so much. It’s my favourite book so far in this series, and it’s rivalling some other Brayden favourites of mine.

What’s the book about?
Gabriella Russo has given up her life and moved to Oregon to work on a vineyard as the new restaurant head chef. Her ex-girlfriend moved there to be the head winemaker, and even though they aren’t together anymore, Madison is one of her best friends, and they work excellently together.

Ryan Jacks is the contractor making Gabriella’s dream restaurant a reality. She is very skilled at her job and at picking up women.

When Gabriella and Ryan clash on the project, it brings out a heat that isn’t just about the restaurant but about each other. Ryan knows what she wants from Gabriella but does Gabriella really want hot and reckless with Ryan when she could have safe and stable with Madison? 

Book Strengths
I love Melissa Brayden’s books because I always know I’m going to laugh, get a little teary, and enjoy the heck out of the ride. Picking up one of her books is a no brainer. The problem with this book (and is it really a problem?) is that I seriously struggled to put how much I loved it into words without giving away major spoilers… So here goes nothing!

I would suggest starting at the book, Entangled and not skipping ahead. Entangled sets this book up nicely, and you can sit back and enjoy Ryan and Gabriella’s story.

This book, in particular, had my little heart racing all the way through. There were times I wanted to shout at Ryan or give Gabriella a nudge. And then there is Joey, who is so super sweet and protective and I just wanted to cuddle with her! 

I was swooning all over the place. Especially Ryan Jacks because wow! Talk about the hot tradie type! I was so onboard for her and her sexiness. Yum!

But the best thing about the book (except the romance because honestly, that’s what gets me here each time) is the friendship between Joey (winery owner), Madison and Gabriella. Their banter is witty, funny and entertaining to read. I wanted to join in on their little friendship, hang out and become part of the group.

Audio Review
All the Melissas! Melissa Sternenberg is a phenomenal narrator, and she is paired well with Melissa Brayden books. Every dialogue moment drew me in and had me listening intently. #melissasforthewin

Character Chemistry
Ryan and Gabriella are so beautifully in sync when it comes to chemistry. It’s all fiery and hot but also incredibly intimate at times. It reads beautifully. These two just made my heart happy!

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
Melissa Brayden, I hope you never stop writing series’ because I get so wrapped up in them. I can’t wait for the next book, What a Tangled Web, to be out in ebook/audio so I can jump back into more Tangled Valley. An exceptional book.


Would you like to grab a copy?

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