The Copper Scroll by Robyn Nyx

Book Two – A Chase Stinsen adventure

This book has everything! Romance, adventure, danger, all wrapped up in a brilliant story!

What was the book about?
Chase Stinsen and Rayne Marcellus are back! Chase is so determined to get the other woman of her life, Zenobia, back and in a museum that everyone can enjoy. However, she doesn’t realise the ramifications that will come from doing this. Chase and Rayne are close after surviving the wilds of the Amazon and are trying to work out how their relationship can move forward. Can Rayne come over to the “good” side, or will Chase be persuaded to go to the dark side? Time will tell, and a whole new adventure that comes from a small scroll that holds the key to the treasures hidden on the map of the Copper Scroll .

Featured Tropes
Romance, butch/femme, history, intrigue, advenuture, action.

Book Strengths
So I am all set to read/review Copper Scroll, and Sarah calls me up…

“Rach, I just read Copper Scroll. Can I review it?” Her call was laced with pure excitement, so instead of tossing a coin, we decided to do what we usually do when we can’t agree on who will review… #Jointreview. Enjoy!

First off and most importantly, grab the first book in the Chasen Stensen Series called A Golden Trinity. Click the link below for my review.

Once you’ve read my review for book one in the series, you will see the extent of my crush on Chase. So when I heard Robyn Nyx was releasing book two, I just knew I would be first in the queue for it. 

One of my favourite things about the Chase and Rayne combo is that it’s the good old story of the good guy saves the bad guy’s. The difference here is that in my eyes, Rayne was never really the baddie. If anything, I wanted to be her by the end of the book, but that was maybe so that I could capture myself a sexy Chase Stinsen… #swoon. The banter is fun and flirty, which it was great because this book is very focused on the adventure at play. 

I am not usually an action/adventure reader, but there is something about Robyn Nyx’s works that just make me show up, and I end up caught up in the adventure. And what adventure she takes me on. 

I think there should be an epilogue rating system on my reviews because you all know how obsessed I am with them. Well, Robyn Nyx did not let me down and gave me an epilogue filled with swoony moments and an extra dose of romance. It was perfect!

Robyn Nyx knows how to write exciting characters and stories which leave you experiencing everything they do. Chase and Rayne are two people I would love to meet IRL. They are what I would have aspired to had I continued on to study archaeology. 

You can feel the excitement when they discover something new. When they get into trouble, you can sense the air run out, and you are holding your breath too. The camaraderie of these two is wonderful to read, and it adds so much depth to them. Their insecurities are evident, and their strengths are not superhuman but are totally believable and therefore brings the reader closer to them and the story that envelopes them. 

Character Chemistry
Holy hotness, batman!! Chase and Rayne’s sexual and emotional chemistry flows onto the page. Every time Rayne made a suggestive comment to Chase, I was mentally high fiving her. These two could set the sheets on fire and not even notice because they would be so caught up in each other. HOT DAMN!

What I loved most of all about the chemistry between Rayne and Chase is that they get each other on an emotional level. Rayne especially only lets Chase see her more sensitive side, and It endeared Rayne more to me with every candid moment she had with Chase.

Chase and Rayne are two sides to a coin. Their attraction to each other and their need to stay together is palpable. Their banter and teasing are refreshing and entertaining. The heat generated between them would be enough to power a small city! 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
This isn’t an experience you want to miss. Just make sure you read the first book before this one. It’s just going to make the experience all the better. This book really is jam-packed with action, adventure, and romance. I really hope this isn’t the end of the ‘The Chase Stinsen’ books because I am not ready to let these characters go just yet. 

If you want to go on a fantastic adventure without leaving your home,, then this is the book you need to read. Actually, just read it anyway! It was made doubly more enjoyable for me because I have visited most of Turkey’s places mentioned in the story. I love Robyn Nyx’s writing, and this book has only added to my admiration for her abilities. I hope there are more Chase and Rayne stories in the future.


Would you like to grab a copy?

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