Next Exit Home by Dena Blake

What’s the books about?
Addison’s life is in Blueridge with her daughter, her job as a vet tech and her on the side studying to become a vet finally. She’s happy, or so she thinks… Until Harper, her secret schoolgirl crush, walks back into her life.

Harper doesn’t want to go home to Blueridge. Her life is in Denver at her vet practice that she co-owns with her ex. Ok, the ex thing isn’t great, but she loves her clinic. When Harper’s dad gets sick, she needs to hightail it home to take over his vet practice while he recuperates. She doesn’t expect the object of her affections from her school days to be working at the practice.

Can Harper and Addison find a way back to each other? Or is Harper’s life still cemented in Denver?

Featured Tropes
Small Town, single Parent, unrequited Love, enemies to lovers and second chance romance, Medical, Work place romance, coming out

Book Strengths
Dena Blake is back with a new book filled to the brim with tropes… From small-town romance, unrequited love, to enemies to lovers and second chance romance etc. 

I enjoy Dena Blake’s writing, and I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s not my favourite she’s written because I don’t think I’ll ever quite get over my love for Friends without Benefits, Just One Moment and Kiss me Every Day! Haven’t read them? Grab then, while you’re picking up this book! #funtimes 

I especially liked this book because the two single mums who have become mums for very different reasons/experiences are strong women. Proving they are super capable to solo parent and raise rockstar kids. There is something very sexy about a single mum grabbing parenthood by the horns and making it work. I really enjoyed that aspect! 

I also loved how I just knew that Harper and Addison would make it from the get-go. They had that soulmate quality. They were just supposed to end up together. #soulmates. 

Also, Word to the wise.. grab the tissues for the Daisy scene! It was just heartbreakingly lovely. 

Book Weaknesses
I felt that there was too many convoluted conversations that kept complicating things for the characters (even more) and some of the dialogue or confrontations felt like they were being repeated. Not a big thing but I kept wondering if Harper or Addison had this conversation before.

Also, what happened to Nikki? She just didn’t appear again! Was she ghosted? I’m secretly hoping she appears in another book because even though she’s not suitable for Addison, she had so much promise! 

Character Chemistry
The chemistry is fiery for these two! And even though it’s a slow build to the sexy bits, it worth it when you get there.
Also, the hanging wallpaper as a euphemism for sex made me chuckle every time. 

Wrap up
Great small-town romance that packs a punch in the enemies to lovers trope! I’ll definitely be rereading this one again soon.


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