The Secret Poet by Georgia Beers

“Why can’t I See, touch, explore her the way I want to How am I Supposed to shut it all out”

Morgan Thompson
(Georgia Beers)


What was the book about?
Morgan Thompson is happy. She has a beautiful family, her brother is her best friend, and she works with him running his medical practice. Ok, so she hasn’t met the one yet, but she’s happy. 

However, when the most beautiful woman she has ever seen walks into her life, she can’t help but want more. Zoe is gorgeous and is getting significant thought time in Morgan’s head. Problem? Her brother has already made it clear that he has set his sights on Zoe, and Morgan can’t stand in his way. She wants all the good things for him. 

But can Morgan really stay away from the woman who has set her world on fire?

Featured Tropes
Cyrano De Bergerac trope, forbidden love, family conflict

Book Strengths
I am still coming down from my emotional high from this book. Georgia Beers knocked my socks off with this one. Starting From Scratch is my favourite Beers book, and the Secret Poet is currently fighting it for the top spot! In fact, I knew it was when I started rereading my very worn copy of Starting from Scratch as soon as I finished, then reread The Secret Poet again.

Georgia Beers has undoubtedly changed it up recently, and her books are lighter romances that are flirty and fun, packed full of beautiful moments that scream happily ever after. 

I was so immersed in the story from the moment Zoe walked into Morgan’s life. From there, it was just moment after moment of realising they were meant to be soul mates. I never wanted the story to end.

Ok, so Morgan! Has there ever been a more deserving character ever written into a romance novel? She was amazing and kind with love for her family (especially her brother), I can really understand. The inner turmoil she goes through about Zoe is heartbreaking and beautiful. When she writes her feelings into her poetry, I was a bundle of swoons.

Talking of poetry. I really enjoyed the book’s poetic aspect and all of Morgan’s poems (which in turn would be Beers’ Poems). In fact, my very favourite poem/poet of all time was mentioned, ‘I Carry Your Heart With Me’ by E.E. Cummings. #love

There was even an epilogue… it was like icing on the cake. Oh, how I loved more of Morgan and Zoe!

Character Chemistry
The chemistry was incredible, and I could feel the chemistry emanate off the page. #sexyonsexy! 

You could almost hear their connection crackling and sizzling away every time Zoe and Morgan were in the same room. When Morgan goes for it, and they become intimate… boom 💥! 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
This book was exceptional, and I was not ready to leave Morgan and Zoe’s universe, not because the book needs more, but because I just loved being there. We should all aspire to be as kind as Morgan and have the guts to take what we want/need when we know we deserve it. Go do something for yourself and buy this book now, then turn off your phone and snuggle up with Morgan and Zoe.


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