What A Tangled Web by Melissa Brayden

Book 3 in the A Tangle Valley Romance Series.

What was the book about?
Madison Le Grange has her career trajectory set. She loves her job as a winemaker at her best friend Joey’s Winery, and she has never been happier to do what she loves. When her accountant advises her to diversify her portfolio, she looks at businesses nearby that would be fun to own while giving her the anonymity she needs to be immersed in her first passion, winemaking! The local bakery ticks all the boxes. 

But the bakery manager, Clementine, has always dreamed of buying it herself. It’s even worse that her high school crush is the new owner.

Madison and Clementine clash initially, and tension run high when they have to work together, but what turns from strain to passion is more firey than they ever imagined. 

Featured Tropes
Workplace romance, Unrequited love, Series

Book Strengths
This book gave me all the feels, and it closed out the series superbly. Melissa Brayden knocked it out of the park (baseball line… I’m sure the Tangled gang would love that!) and gave me the romance I needed to end the Tangle valley series on. 

Madison has been a main character from the first book in the series, and we’ve watched her grow and adapt to her new life in Tangled Valley. I’ve had a complicated relationship with her, honestly. I loved her in book one, but she had me more than a little frustrated by book two. So I went into this book with her front and centre, wondering how I’d feel. Honestly? She and Clem are now my favourites in the whole series, and I thought that would be hard with Gabrielle and Ryan in the previous one having me all swoony! The last six chapters, in particular, just made me want to be her WBFL (wine buddy for life)! I need a Madison in my life.  

Ok, so Madison is fantastic, but Clemintine? She’s incredible! Can one fall in lust with a fictional character? She was just delightful in every way. I think I also fell a little in love with her by the end. I would most definitely fall over myself for a woman like Clem. No one else deserved to fall in love as much as she did. 

Gosh, Melissa Brayden knows how to close out a series like no one else. That epilogue had me in tears and was so beautiful. Grab your tissues and wine for this one… trust me!

Note: I tried a bottle of Truffle Hill Pinot Noir from the Williamette Valley. And let me tell you that Oregon has now jumped on my list of wine places to visit! Take notes, people (excuse the pun). 

The audiobook was fantastic. I’d already read the ebook by the time the audio came out, so I was able to kick back and enjoy it. 

Character Chemistry:

If that’s the kind of sex you get from unrequited love since school… Wowser! 

Melissa Brayden writes great sex scenes. but every now and again, she lets loose writes one that leaves me a little hotter under the collar. She did that here, and it was extremely sexy!

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap up
I can’t believe The Tangled Valley romance series is over, but if we had to go out any way, I am glad it was with Madison and Clem. 

Melissa Brayden is the queen of the romance series’, and this one goes up there with my favourites. In fact, it is probably my favourite Brayden series’ so far.


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