Blue by Lise Gold

What was the book about?
Celia Krügerner and Erin Nour met a year ago at Celia’s Uncle Dieter’s annual summer ball held at his magnificent castle. Both were seeing other people at the time, but neither could get over the brief searing impact of their meeting. Now a year later Celia is single and still unable to get Erin out of her mind and hoping she will catchup with her at the ball. Erin, a super yacht designer, is also single and has sailed from her home in Bermuda to see her good friend Dieter but also to enjoy the ball and finally see the woman who has been taking up so much of her thoughts in the last year.

To say the two women are drawn to each other like moths to a flame is understated! The ball is also a chance to raise money for charity and one of the prizes is a vacation aboard the yacht Barracuda, owned by Erin. For his own reasons, Dieter makes the winning bid and sets in motion a series of events over a long cruise which he has plotted out. He manages to convince his niece to join the trip and he also brings his young lover along. This trip holds secrets, wonderful happiness, deepest sadness as well as a hell of a lot of love and lust. As someone said it is not about the ending it’s the journey that counts.

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Book Strengths


Lisa Gold is one of my favourite authors. I crave her new releases, and this one made me feel all the feels from the very beginning. This isn’t my favourite Lise Gold book, but the bar is so high that I still loved this the story.

Uncle Dieter’s secondary story is heartbreaking, and it made everything on the boat cruise seem ever more important, the stakes in Celia and Erin’s romance even higher.

The epilogue was everything and closed the book beautifully. This girl is a sucker for a good epilogue. 

One strength is that it’s written by Lise Gold!!!

The cast of characters brings this whole story together. I guarantee you will be shouting at certain ones, wanting to hug others, kiss some and love them all…well maybe not all but most. Yes they are very wealthy but their realness shines through.

Character Chemistry

The chemistry is undeniable in this book between Celia and Erin. It’s there from the moment it begins and only gets more potent the more time we spend with them.

The chemistry between Celia and Erin is palpable. You know that it’s going to be good but crikey the sex in this book is so damn hot it almost burnt a hole in my iPad while I was reading it. 

The strength of friendship between Dieter and Erin is a beautiful thing and the weight of the secret that they carry makes it even more so. The eccentricity of Dieter is heart-warming and his love for Andy is so heart-felt.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up

Another great book from Lise Gold that had me wrapped up in the story from the get go. I can’t wait to read what’s next!

If you want lust, love, incredible friendships, hot sex and a wonderful story you can’t go wrong with this novel at all! Lise Gold give you it in spades and then some.


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