The Secrets We Keep by Donna Jay

What was the book about?
Sadie is living out of her car near Lake Taupo, New Zealand, trying to make a living as a cleaner after her previous relationship imploded. Sadie takes pretty much any job she can to get by, but it all goes to crap when she comes head to head with an unhappy customer. 

She finally falls on her feet when she gets a job as a beauty salon cleaner, but all is not as it seems, what she didn’t expect to have a first sight connection with the owner of the beauty salon. 

When Victoria meets Sadie for the first time, she does not expect to develop feelings towards her. But she has walls around her heart for a reason, and no one is going to break them down.

But can you help falling in love when you meet your soulmate?

Featured Tropesee
Romance, Age-gap, Rich-poor

Book Strengths

I loved this book by Donna Jay. It is without a doubt my favourite book by this author. It was the perfect balance of romance meets sexy. This is definitely where Donna Jay’s strengths lie, and she has created a book that could easily be the foundation of a phenomenal series. 

What I adored about this book set up was that the book is told in two parts. The first part of the book is from Sadie’s point of view. She gives us her before story and all the feelings she develops working for Victoria. Then the second part of the story is told from Victoria’s point of view, and we watch as her walls come down, and she becomes determined to woo Sadie. It’s so bloody brilliant and a very different way of writing romance. I loved it.

Sadie was the hero of the story for me. She was courageous, intelligent while being undoubtedly kind. I loved her so much, and when I realised we were about to jump into Victoria perspective, I was at first a little disappointed to be leaving her headspace behind but fear not Donna Jay fans being in Victoria’s head just made me love Sadie even more because seeing her through Victoria’s eyes just confirmed how awesome she is. 

The secondary characters really complimented the protagonists in a big way. They were almost like family by the end. I really hope this is the start of a Donna Jay series because I don’t think I want to leave these characters behind just yet!

Ok, just putting it out there, I am a Donna Jay fan, and this book does not disappoint at all. If you are looking for some of her usual light BDSM, it is not in this book, but there is so much more. I loved these two strong and warm women. Their story is told in the first person divided into two individual sections. I enjoyed reading it this way because it allows the reader to get a good sense of how each character ticks. There is depth to their feelings, and you don’t in any way feel that they are cardboard cutouts. The secondary characters are both interesting and fascinating at the same time but don’t detract from the main story. As Donna Jay has mentioned at the end of the novel, Soraya needs her own story, so that will be one to watch for. The pace is excellent in this novel, and to be honest, it was tough to put down. 

Character Chemistry:

So the sex is very steamy for a romance novel and could very quickly straddle the lines of erotic at times, but Donna Jay held firm and remained in the romance department. Honestly? It worked, and I am glad she wrote it this way. I felt like the character chemistry was event more potent because we could connect with the characters on a deeper level. 

Yes, these two were meant for each other. Sadie may be young, but she knows what she wants and is enamoured of Victoria. At the same time, Victoria is captivated by Sadie. When they are in the same room, the electricity crackles off the page. And yes, of course, the sex is HOT! It’s Donna Jay, of course, it is!  

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
Sarah and I both loved this book. It was jam-packed full of romance and sexual tension. If you are already a Donna Jay fan, then this will knock your socks off. 


Would you like to grab a copy?

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