You Again by Aurora Rey

Sometimes the past is worth revisiting!

What was the book about?
Sutton can’t avoid returning to her hometown anymore. She has responsibilities she has to go back for. Her avoidance is all wrapped up in her heart that has never adequately healed since the day Kate Cormier broke it. And when she bumps into Kate, she realises that it may never recover because one look at Kate and she wants her more than ever before.

Kate was madly in love with Sutton Guidry before their relationship imploded. She’s now in love with her new life and her beautiful daughter. Life is good, or it was until Sutton walked back into it. Now she’s trying to reconcile the old Sutton with the older sexier Sutton. Things have changed, the town is small, and they were kids when their relationship fell apart, so maybe they could be friends. It would make running into each other less awkward.

But can you ever really be friends with your soul mate? And should you resist the temptation for more, especially when you know how good it could be?

Featured Tropes
Second-chance romance, Small town romance and Butch-Femme

Book Strengths
First off, this is Aurora Rey, so I knew I would like this book because she writes stories that I love to read. Her winning formula of butch woman that falls for strong femmes ticks so many boxes for me.

I adored Sutton and Kate from the beginning, but I really loved Harper, Kate’s Daughter. She was the kind of girl I’d love to have as my daughter, brave, kind and intelligent! She was a beautiful addition to this story and all my favourite moments had Harper in them. 

I loved watching Sutton brick by brick take Kate’s walls down. It’s clear from the beginning that the love between them has never died, especially for Sutton. 

Once Kate finally lets down the walls, you realised that they are soul mates and that the story would always end with them finding each other again. 

The epilogue in this book was possibly the best I have read this year, and I finished this book knowing that these characters were set on the road to happily ever after.

Book Weaknesses
I felt like Kate never really took responsibility for her side of the breakup. Yes, they were both at fault, but there was a part of me that wondered if I was Sutton if I could have gotten over the circumstances that broke them up. I kept thinking of the ‘Sex In The City’ scene where Aiden shouts to Carrie, “YOU BROKE MY FUCKING HEART!” and how much it was a gut punch to everyone watching it. I kept waiting for that moment to happen where Sutton would snap, and Kate would see the force of the hurt Sutton felt.

Character Chemistry
So, in the beginning, Sutton and Kate are already attracted to one another because they’ve been in a relationship before, but with age comes wisdom, and it’s like the chemistry they had before is doubled even though they approach it with caution. When they do fall into bed, it’s combustible… like the pot has been on a simmer for the years they’ve been apart, and then it boils over the moment they kiss. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
I really enjoyed You Again, and honestly, if Aurora Rey keeps writing, I will keep showing up to read. She’s one of my favourites, and I get excited every time a new book is announced. I know this one will be on my reread list very soon.


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