Table for Two by Kate Gavin

What was the book about?
Having to share a table with the most infuriating, while beautiful woman was never what Regan expected by ducking out for a quick lunch, but here she is. Both women are left with a less than average first impression of each other. But when Reagan wins the catering account for the same woman, and they need to spend time together, Reagan wants to run.

Not only has Jill been dumped with planning a party for her mother, but she is forced to work with the maddening woman from the restaurant.

The more time Jill and Regan spend together, the more their walls come down, and they realise there is something quite beautiful building between them. But old wounds and choosing wrong priorities could end their relationship before it even begins. Can these women let go of old hurts and find a way to a happy future together?

Featured tropes
Enemies to lovers, Melting Ice Queen, Bi Character, Opposites attract.

Book strengths
I have never read anything from Kate Gavin before, but she has shot up my must-watch list. I loved this book and all the fantastic tropes that the author packed in. I loved the storyline and how the author built the relationship between the main characters Jill and Regan.

I adored Regan and her wonderful kind heart. She was one hundred per cent the hero of the story, and she deserved all the good things. Reagan’s relationship with her family was lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. What was truly beautiful was when Jill (practically a stranger) would be there for her and give her strength. You need to read it to know what I mean here, but it is absolutely worth it!

My favourite character has to be Jill. She is so lovely and misunderstood, and my heart broke for her more than a little every time she made a relationship faux pas and then scrambled adorably to fix it. She needed someone like Regan to come along and take her by the hand to show Jill her worth. Because she was so worthy of love and I was so invested in these beautiful women getting their happily ever after.

The epilogue was just beyond, and I cried my heart out with all the lovely sentiments drawing back to the idea of family and love.

This book is one hundred per cent written as a solo read, however, and this is big; Kate Gavin has set this story up beautifully that it could easily be the start of a fantastic series. For example, the readers are left wondering about Carly and her adventure into dating. And then there is Sam and Ash, who I am craving more from their story. The way Kate Gavin writes, she could have an award-winning series here at her fingertips. I really hope she takes the gamble and writes more from the ‘Table for Two’ universe.

Character chemistry
You can feel the tension between these two from the beginning. Even when they were infuriated with each other, they still had this sexy tension that readers like me, love. When they start to flirt and let go a little bit, their simmering chemistry explodes, and you can feel it radiating from the page.

I want to mention that yes, Reagan and Jess have beautiful and sexy chemistry but what I loved more was the supportive and intimate relationship they had with each other without the sex. The moments where the romance just flowed, and they would hold hands, touch or snuggle. The connection at these times made my heart swell.

Heat flame
🔥 🔥 🔥  

I adored every minute and every page of this book. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I really hope that Kate Gavin uses her wonderful secondary characters in future novels. She has jumped on my must-watch list. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


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