Bet The Farm by Fiona Riley

I didn’t think I could love this book more than the first in the High Stakes series, but I was wrong!

What was the book about?
Lauren Calloway is in a life slump. She can’t seem to catch a break at work; her love life is non-existent, and not to mention her best friend, Trina’s, life is taking off romantically and career-wise. Who needs the constant reminder of what she doesn’t have? Not Lauren!

When a gorgeous stranger flirts with her at a bar, she sees her opportunity to blow off the cobwebs and get a little stress relief at the same time. When Lauren can’t stop thinking about her one night stand, and the woman who takes her breath away, she knows she wants more.

Thea Boudreaux has avoided reality for too long. Her mothers latest call to say she is selling her family’s farm has brought to the forefront how important it is, and she can’t let her family’s legacy get sold off to the highest bidder. So, reality she must face and head back to her hometown to help deal with the issues at the farm. But before she travels back, she indulges in a bit of fun with a bar hook up, who happens to be Lauren. She’s never had a partner who not only is gorgeous, but is her perfect match sexually. Now, days later and back on the farm, she can’t get Lauren out of her head.

When Lauren’s boss, Ellison, gives her the opportunity of a lifetime in her career, she will do anything for a chance. Even going out to Maine to consult on a farm sale for her boss’s friend…

Featured Tropes
Soul-Mates, Oh! The Sex!, Chemistry Galore, Series, Small Town, Big City

Book Strengths
When I reviewed the first book in this series, Bet Against Me, I said it was my new favourite Fiona Riley book; well, she just blew that out the water. I’m almost too scared to say it’s my new favourite because we have one more book left in the series, although I am not sure how she could top Lauren and Thea’s love story. It’s everything I love about Fiona’s writing; flirty, fun and full of romance.
Once again, Fiona Riley aced the dialogue. It’s something (other than her sex scenes) that she excels at and makes the journey just so much more enjoyable. Ok, on to the characters…

Lauren Calloway. What a woman. I was crushing so goddamn hard on her from Bet Against Me, but now I am one hundred per cent in love. Wow!

Between her kindness and the fact she was a number genius, which for me are massive turn-ons, to her sexy skirts and outrageously high heels… #swoon. Thea never stood a chance of not falling for Lauren. She is the whole delicious package and then some.
When it comes to soulmates, Thea Boudreaux was made for Lauren Calloway. Two halves of the one… peach? You’ll understand that reference very soon.

Thea gave off this ‘too cool for school’ vibe one minute, then the next she would come out with these romantic statements, and I’d get whiplash from the complete transparency of her feelings for Lauren. Thea feels emotions in a big way, whether it be her heartbreak at the possibility of losing the farm or the way she feels for Lauren. If there was going to be someone deserving of a woman like Lauren, it’s Thea. I’m totally crushing on them as a couple!

You’re going to see some recurring characters from other Fiona Riley books, watch out for them. I adore when authors bring back old characters in new books. It gives these worlds a sense of community, and because we already know the characters so well, it’s like catching up with old friends.

Fiona has added some new secondary characters that I absolutely loved.
But my favourite was Avni, Thea’s best friend and work colleague. There’s a beautiful secondary story happening with Avni, and I am hoping against hope that Fiona Riley takes that story and makes it into novella or a full-length story. Because damn… Just damn!!!

The we have Jax who was in Bet Against Me, and I was crushing on them pretty damn hard. Now I just love them even more. I could read Jax scenes all day long. I’ll stand by my statement in the review for Bet Against Me. I’d have a fourth book for Jax… if anyone could pull that book off, it would be Fiona Riley. Fact!

I didn’t find this book overly angsty, and I think that is possibly why I adored it so much. Yes, Lauren and Thea have some conflict to get over, but I was never worried they wouldn’t make it. #Soulmates. The epilogue was like a continuation of a beautiful story and sexy enough to leave this reader excited for book three.

Audiobook Narration
I love Melissa Sternenberg’s narrations. She is perfect for fun and sassy characters who like to have sexy and flirty banter. Melissa and Fiona are a perfect audiobook match, honestly. I’m not sure anyone else could do justice to Fiona’s words.

Character Chemistry
Fiona knocked the chemistry between Lauren and Thea out of the park… actually, forget the park; she knocked it out of the stratosphere. I will never look at any stone fruit the same way again. These sex scenes are raunchy, hot and straddle the erotica line beautifully. There is a reason Fiona Riley is known as the ‘Queen of Steam’.

When will you write full-length erotica, Fiona? Your fans are dying over here!

The sexual tension and sex scenes are beyond. But Lauren and Thea genuinely have a deeper connection that I wasn’t expecting to be so fierce. It caught me off guard a few times when they would show their vulnerability or how honest they were when they told each other intimate things they hadn’t told anyone else. There were so many tears… so many and all from me!

Heat Rating
   🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap up
So book one, Bet Against Me, was freaking amazing; the second book, Bet The Farm (this one), was outstanding… How is Fiona Riley going to top this with the final book, Beginners Bet?

Well, Firstly, I have learned never to guess where Fiona will take us with her characters. I just know I will love it. Secondly, the next book is my two favourite tropes “Coming Out” meets “Age Gap”. That has sexy written all over it.

What I do know, is that you should be pouring a glass of wine, turning off your phone or calling in sick and then buying Bet The Farm (after you’ve read book one) immediately. Off you go! Times a-wastin’. Enjoy!


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