Elodie by Emma Nichols

Wine, women, sex and a whole lot of love!!!

What was the book about?
Kaye has managed to free herself of an abusive marriage and equally awful divorce in England. To find peace and rid herself of her immediate past completely, she rents a narrowboat to travel the canals in the Loire region of France.

Elodie, an owner of a local, flourishing vineyard, is at an impasse in her life. She frequents the local Lalla Spa, which, more to the point, is an upmarket spa for like-minded women to fulfil their needs and desires, particularly in the Blue Room. 

Although distant, Elodie has a past that has affected her in a way that she doesn’t hope for anything more than the occasional hook-up and quick gratification. Her life revolves around her vineyard and the spa, that is, until she meets Kaye and also when her past comes rushing back to her.

Featured Tropes
Romance, Erotica, Oh! The Chemistry

Book Strengths
I have to say that Emma Nichols is one of my favourite authors. I love the characters she writes and the settings she puts them into, and for this novel, she has excelled. The dedication which Ms Nichols wrote in the book really hit me and is carried all the way through the story. These characters work hard for themselves and also for the love they feel for one another despite the objects in their path that could thwart them at any time. “May you have the courage to open your heart, and the faith to trust that you really are worthy of love.”

I could almost smell the earth of the vineyard and wanted to reach through the page and taste the wine on offer. Had I known of a place existed when I was travelling in France years ago, I sure as hell would have visited!!

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between Elodie and Kaye is off the charts. Elodie, to me, is such a sensual character, and Kaye is drawn to her. The first section of the book about Elodie’s young love is so sweet yet so profound without giving too much away.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap up
Take a journey where you are guaranteed to be taken on a ride of friendship, lust, and love with two deserving women whose wants and desires are as real as yours or mine. Ms Nichols is the mistress of the journey, and she does not disappoint.


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