Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers

What was the book about?
Camilla Evans desperately needs a nanny for her young son Jamie after finding the current nanny in a tryst with her boyfriend on the living room couch! 

Only in New York for two weeks, Emily Walker receives a call for an interview to be the nanny of her teenage crush, Camilla Evans. The beginning of their first meeting doesn’t start off well, and Camilla almost waves Emily away. 

Camilla’s one stipulation is that if her son dislikes Emily, then the job is off the cards. Of course, Emily and Jamie hit it off together, and Emily accepts the job. 

Can Camilla find the love that she craves but thinks she doesn’t deserve, and will Emily finally find a family of her own?

Featured Tropes
Romance, Age-gap, Ice Queen, Debut, Boss – Employee

Book Strengths
This is such a beautiful, well-written story. You could feel the burning connection between the main characters from the beginning. It would have been explosive had there been a sex scene added to the mix. The secondary characters helped the story and didn’t take it over at all.

Book Weaknesses
Yes, I do wish there was a sex scene or two, but that’s just me and shouldn’t take away from how beautiful this story is by any means.

Character Chemistry
Camilla and Emily’s relationship develops off slowly, and the feelings they have for each other deeper for that reason. Like I said above, they were buzzing with attraction from the first time they met; however, the roadblocks that Camilla puts up made everything that little bit harder. 

I love the bond that Emily and Jamie develop. In some ways, Jamie is an intuitive child and sees more than the two women do about themselves. Even though there are no sex scenes in this book, your imagination soars when they get together, and it doesn’t take away from the electricity between Emily and Camilla at all.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
I enjoyed reading this book. It is sweet and low on angst. Grab this novel, sit back, relax and enjoy the story because you will be smiling at the end. It is definitely high on the warm and fuzzies.


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